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Modern High Value issues

Examples of high value Priority Mail, Express Mail and regular issues from 1981 to today.

Scott 1909, $9.35 Express Mail booklet single, Plate number 1111

Scott 2122, $10.75 Express Mail booklet single, Plate number 11111

Scott 2394, $8.75 Express Mail, Plate number 1 UR

Scott 2419, $2.40 Priority Mail, Plate number 1 LR

Scott 2419a, $2.40 Priority Mail error, black omitted, Plate number 11113 LL

Scott 2419b, $2.40 Priority Mail, imperforate error, UR pair with engraved Plate number 1 and offset plate numbers 11211

Scott 2539, $1 Olympics used, Plate number S111111 LR

Scott 2540, $2.90 Priority Mail, Plate number 6 LR

Scott 2541, $9.95 Express Mail, Plate number 2 UR

Scott 2542, $14.00 International Express Mail, Plate number 1 LL

Scott 2543, $2.90 Priority Mail, Plate number 1 LL

Scott 2544, $3.00 Priority Mail with 1995 date, Plate number P6666-2 LL

Scott 2544d, $3.00 Priority Mail with 1995 date, imperforate error, Plate number P5555-2 LR

Scott 2544b, $3.00 Priority Mail with 1996 date, used, Plate number P7777-2 UR

Scott 2544A, $10.75 Express Mail, Plate number P11111 UR

Scott 2590, $1.00 Battle of Saratoga, Plate number S2 LL

Scott 2590 var, $1.00 Battle of Saratoga, misperfed, pair with plate number S2 UR

Scott 2592, $5.00 Washington & Jackson, Plate number S1 UL

Scott 2842, $9.95 Express Mail, Plate number B1111-1 LL

Scott 3261, $3.20 Priority Mail, Plate number B2222 UL

Scott 3262, $11.75 International Priority Mail, Plate number B1111 LL

Scott 3472, $3.50 Capital Dome, Plate number B1111 LR

Scott 3473, $12.25 Washington Monument, Plate number B1111 UL

Scott 3647, $3.85 Jefferson Memorial Priority Mail, 2002 date, Plate number B1111 UL

Scott 3647a, $3.85 Jefferson Memorial Priority Mail, 2003 date, Plate number S11111 UR

Scott 3648, $13.65 Capital Dome Express Mail, Plate number B1111 LL

Scott 4018, $4.05 X-plane priority mail, Plate number S1111 LR

Scott 4019, $14.40 X-plane express mail, Plate number S1111 UR

Scott 4144, $4.60 Air Force One priority mail, Plate number P111111 LL

Scott 4145, $16.25 Marine One express mail, Plate number S11111 LR

Scott 4378, $4.95 Redwood Forest priority mail, Plate number P1111 UL

Scott 4379, $17.50 Old Faithful express mail, Plate number P1111 LL

Scott 4438, $4.90 Mackinac Bridge, Plate number V1111 LL

Scott 4439, $18.50 Mackinac Bixby Creek Bridge, Plate number V1111 UR

Scott 4511, $4.95 Mackinac New River Gorge Bridge, Plate number P1111 UL


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