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Scott C13, plate number 20079


U.S. stamp program for 2017. All sheet or pane issues have plate numbers in four corners (UL, UR, LL, LR) unless otherwise specified.

Denominations in parentheses are Forever stamps, if first class rate, or nominal rate, if service-inscribed. The first class rate remains 47¢ briefly for early 2017, then rises to the previous rate of 49¢ starting on January 22, 2017. Other rates are unchanged: the postcard rate remains at 34¢ and the additional ounce rate is still 21¢. The value of "forever" 2-ounce and 3-ounce stamps is 70¢ and 91¢, respectively. The global airmail rate remains $1.15.

Coil stamps have plate numbers at the bottom center or bottom right of single stamps and appear at the interval specified.

Plate numbers and copyright markings for self-adhesive booklet stamps or ATM panes appear on a peelable strip within the pane.

As it does every year, USPS has moved the tiny date. For 2017, it appears vertically in the lower left corner.

Regular issues and Commemoratives

(F) Year of the Rooster (Scott 5154): no plate numbers

(F) Love Skywriting (Scott 5155): B1

Counterfeit of the Love Skywriting stamp with plate number B1

$6.65 Lili'uokalani Gardens, priority mail, pane of 4 (Scott 5156): P1111 in UL & LR

$23.75 Gateway Arch, express mail, pane of 4 (Scott 5157): P1111 in UL & LR

(F) U.S. Flag, coil of 100 (Scott 5158): B1111 every 31 stamps

(F) U.S. Flag, die cutting omitted error (Scott 5158a), plate number B1111

(F) U.S. Flag, vertical pair from uncut coils (Scott 5158b), plate number B1111

(F) U.S. Flag, coil of 100 (Scott 5159): P1111 every 31 stamps

Counterfeit of (F) U.S. Flag (Scott 5159-CF3), postally used, with plate number P1111

-- The plate number is in a larger font than on the genuine stamp
-- The die cutting is not correct for an Ashton-Potter printing
-- The microprinting is doubled
-- The microprinting is blurred and illegible, a sure sign of counterfeiting
-- The paper has a plastic feel

Image and analysis courtesy of John Himes,

(F) U.S. Flag, booklet of 20, BCA (Scott 5160, booklet of 20 5160b, booklet of 10 5160a): B1111

(F) U.S. Flag, booklet of 20, Ashton-Potter (Scott 5161, booklet of 20 5161b, booklet of 10 5161a): P1111

Counterfeit of the Ashton-Potter booklet (Scott 5161-CF1?) with plate number P1111

(F) U.S. Flag, ATM pane of 18 (Scott 5162): P1111

The print run for the six formats of 2017 Flag stamps was 7.6 billion, not including reprints.


(34¢) Seashells (postcard rate), pane of 20 (Scott 5163-66): P111111 on Scott 5163 at UL & LL and Scott 5166 at UR & LR

(34¢) Seashells (postcard rate), coil of 100 (Scott 5167-70): P111111 every 32 stamps, on Scott 5168

(F) Dorothy Height (Scott 5171): P1111

(5¢) USA Star coil, non-profit rate, coils of 3000 and 10,000 (Scott 5172): P111 every 27 stamps

At least 3 copies have been found with the red star omitted. As of May 2019, none have the plate number.


(F) Oscar de la Renta, 11 designs (Scott 5173a - 5173k): P1111 at LL (Scott 5173g) and LR (Scott 5173k)

(21¢) Uncle Sam Hats pane of 20 (additional ounce rate) (Scott 5174): B1111111

(F) John F. Kennedy (Scott 5175): B11 at UL and LL

5¢ Grapes pane of 20 (Scott 5177): P111111. Details on the Fruits page.

10¢ Pears pane of 20 (Scott 5178): B111111. Details on the Fruits page.

(F) Nebraska Statehood (Scott 5179): P1111


(F) WPA Posters, booklet of 10 designs (Scott 5180 - 5189): P1111

(F) Mississippi Statehood (Scott 5190): P1111

(70¢) Robert Panara, two-ounce rate (Scott 5191): B1111 in LL & LR


(F) Delicioso double-sided pane of 20, 6 designs (Scott 5192 - 5197): B11111

($1.15) Green Succulent global forever (Scott 5198): P11111

(F) Celebration Boutonniere (Scott 5199): B11111

(70¢) Celebration Corsage, two-ounce rate (Scott 5200): B11111

3¢ Strawberries coil (Scott 5201): P1111 every 27 stamps. Details on the Fruits page.

The 2023 reprint has plate number P2222.

(F) Henry David Thoreau (Scott 5202): B11111 at LL & LR



(F) Have a Ball! (Scott 5203, 5206, 5270 and 5210, from block of 8, Scott 5210a): P11111

(F) Total Solar Eclipse (Scott 5211): B11111 at LL & LR

(F) "The Carry" (Scott 5212j) and "My Studio" (Scott 5212l) from Andrew Wyeth, 12 designs (Scott 5212a-l): P1111 in LL & LR


(F) Maleficent (Scott 5218) and Scar (Scott 5222) from Disney Villains (Scott 5213 - 5222): P11111 at LL & LR


(F) Sharks, 5 designs (Scott 5223-5227): B1111 at LL & LR


(F) Protect Pollinators, 5 designs (Scott 5228-5232): P1111 in LL & LR

(F) Blue flowers in blue pot (Scott 5235), from Flowers from the Garden coil (Scott 5236a): B1111 every 28 stamps


Scott 5237 and 5238, from (F) Flowers from the Garden booklet of 20 (Scott 5240b): B1111

(F) Father Theodore Hesburgh sheet stamp (Scott 5241): P11111 in LL and LR corners

(F) Father Theodore Hesburgh coil of 50 (Scott 5242): P11111 every 17 stamps


(F) Child with Snowball (Scott 5243) and Child Sledding (Scott 5244) from "The Snowy Day" booklet (Scott 5246b): P1111


(F) Silent Night (Scott 5248) and Jolly Old St. Nicholas (Scott 5250) from Christmas Carols booklet (Scott 5250b): B1111

(F) Museum of African American Culture (Scott 5251): B1111 in LL & LR


(F) History of Hockey, Scott 5252 (from pane of 20, Scott 5253a): P1111

The stamp images are inverted in the LL and LR positions. Or if you view the stamp images upright, the plate numbers are inverted. If both are upright, they are the UL and UR positions. If either is inverted, they are the LL and LR positions.

(F) History of Hockey souvenir sheet (Scott 5253c): no plate numbers.


Airmail issues

Although the global airmail stamps of the last few years are intended to meet an airmail rate, they are valid for all types of mailings and there is no indication in the stamps' designs that they are primarily for airmail purposes. Therefore Scott assigns a regular catalog number rather than one with the traditional C prefix.


Semipostal stamps

(49¢ + 11¢) Breast Cancer Awareness, 2014 date (Scott B5): B111111, due to change of printer from Sennett to BCA

(F + 11¢) Alzheimer's semi-postal stamp: B111111


Hunting Permit stamps

$25 hunting permit stamp 2017-2018 (Scott RW84): P1111

$25 Hunting Permit self-adhesive pane of 1 (Scott RW84A): no plate numbers


Plate numbers and varieties of older issues reported in 2017

2¢ Washington offset, perf 11 (Scott 528B): Eric Chaulsett reported the discovery copy of plate number 12397, a used bottom PNS

$1.00 Candleholder precancel, Americana series (Scott 1610 var): 40310

(10¢) Stars and Stripes coil (Scott 4963a): B111 on reprints, due to name change of printer from Sennett to BCA

A reprint of the 2015 (F) Neon Celebration stamp, Scott 5019, was reported in January 2017. The plate number for the original printing was S1111, for the reprint was B1111, due to the change of printers.

Reprint of the 2014 (F) Purple Heart stamp (Scott 5035), with different plate number due to the change of printers: S111111

Additional details on the Spotlight on Purple Heart stamps page.

As of 2013, Official stamps have been "officially" discontinued.  Government agencies with stamps used up existing stock, then converted to forever stamps, meters and other postage payment methods.

The plate number information appearing on this page has been contributed by APNSS members Jim Ragsdale, Jim Cochrane and Rick Burdsall.

A complete listing and valuation of plate numbers, positions and other marginal markings will appear in the next edition of the Hebert's Catalog of Plate Number Singles.

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This page last updated December 31, 2023.

Opinions expressed by authors are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the APNSS, its officers or members.