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Scott C13, plate number 20079


All sheet or pane issues have plate numbers in four corners (UL, UR, LL, LR) unless otherwise specified.

Some of the rate-change stamps were issued in late December 2005, but they appear here because the rate change did not occur until January 2006 and many of the stamps are inscribed with 2006 year dates.

The 39¢ and non-denominated Lady Liberty and Flag stamps appear on a special Spotlight page.


63¢ Dr. Jonas Salk, Distinguished Americans series (Scott 3428):  P11-1, P22-2

63¢ Salk, black omitted error (Scott 3428a): Plate number 2 2 (missing the initial P2)

87¢ Dr. Albert Sabin, Distinguished Americans series, Sennett (Scott 3435):  S11

87¢ Sabin, Distinguished Americans series, BCA:  also S11. The two printings are indistinguishable. 

2¢ Navajo Necklace pane of 20, 2006 date, photogravure, die cut 11-1/4 x 11-1/2, Ashton-Potter (Scott 3749A; renumbered to 3751 in June 2007):  P11111


2¢ Navajo Necklace pane of 20, slightly larger 2006 date, lithographed, die cut 11-1/4 x 10.8, both Peak/Valley and Valley/Peak varieties, Sennett (Scott 3749B; renumbered to 3752 in June 2007):  S111111

10¢ American Clock, water-activated coil of 10,000 (Scott 3762):  S1111 every 14 stamps

(39¢) Love Birds non-denominated (Scott 3976):  V11111

39¢ Liberty and Flag water-activated coil of 100, perf. 10 (Scott 3979): S1111

See the special Spotlight page for more details and other examples.


Scott 3991, Wild Thing from Children's Book Illustrations.  Image courtesy of Doug D'Avino

Wild Thing (Scott 3991) and Frederick (Scott 3994)
from 39¢ Children's Book Illustrations (block of 8 Scott 3994a):  S111111111

This was a new record for plate number length, later matched by the Flags of our Nation coils.

39¢ 2006 Winter Olympics, Skier (Scott 3995):  S1111

39¢ Hattie McDaniel (Scott 3996):  S1111

39¢ Lunar New Year, (Scott 3997a - l, pane of 12 Scott 3997):  No plate numbers


39¢ Wedding booklet of 20 (Scott 3998; pane of 20 Scott 3998a):  P1, P2

39¢ Wedding, die cutting omitted error (Scott 3998b), plate number P1

Image courtesy of Steve Malack

Pair of 39¢ + 63 (Scott 3999b)

63¢ Wedding, booklet of 20 issued with pane of 20 39¢ stamps (Scott 3999; pane of 20 Scott 3999a):  P11

24¢ Buckeye butterfly water-activated pane of 100, perf 11-1/4 (Scott 4000):  P1111 in LR position only

24¢ Buckeye butterfly self-adhesive pane of 20 (Scott 4001):  V1111

24¢ Buckeye butterfly self-adhesive convertible booklet of 10, die cut 10.9 x 11.2 V/P on 2 or 3 sides (from Scott 4001a):  V1111

24¢ Buckeye butterfly self-adhesive vending booklet of 10, die cut 10.9 x 11.2 V/P on 2 or 3 sides (from Scott 4001a)


24¢ Buckeye butterfly self-adhesive coil of 100 (first printing), gray USA and date, pinkish shading under wings, peak/valley die cut 8-1/2 (using upper left corner) (Scott 4002):  V1111 every 11 stamps

24¢ Buckeye butterfly self-adhesive coil of 100, gray USA and date, valley/peak die cut 8-1/2 (using upper left corner) (Scott 4002):  V1111 every 11 stamps

The two Buckeye coils appear to be available in equal quantities. Since the die-cut gauge is identical, Scott's policy assigns the same catalog number to the two varieties.

24¢ Buckeye butterfly self-adhesive coil of 100 (second and third printings), black USA and date, gray shading under wings, die cut 8-1/2 (Scott 4002 var):  V1111 every 11 stamps


Sunflower (Scott 4005), plate number S1111
from 39¢ Crops of the Americas, self-adhesive coil, die cut 10-1/4:  S1111 every 25 stamps, with the plate number appearing on every fifth Sunflower stamp; plate strip of 5 or 11, Scott 4007a

The other four stamps (Chili peppers, Scott 4003; Beans, Scott 4004; Squashes, Scott 4006; and Corn, Scott 4007) have no plate numbers.


Corn (Scott 4008) and Squashes (Scott 4009), plate number S1111
from 39¢ Crops of the Americas self-adhesive double-sided convertible booklet of 20, die cut 10.9 x 10.5 (or 10-3/4 x 10-1/2) V/P (Scott 4012b)


Corn (Scott 4014), plate number S1111
from 39¢ Crops of the Americas self-adhesive vending booklet of 20, die cut 10.9 x 11.4 (or 10-3/4 x 11-1/4) V/P (Scott 4016a, 4017b, 4017c, 4017d)

The manufacturer removed the peelable strips from 1 million of the 11 million booklets produced, so some examples do not show a plate number.

$4.05 X-plane priority mail (Scott 4018):  S1111

An error pane of 20 has been reported with the foil "X" omitted or partially missing from at least 8 stamps in the upper portion of the pane. The stamp is expected to be assigned Scott 4018a. UL or UR plate blocks or plate number singles are possible, also with plate number S1111.

$14.40 X-plane express mail (Scott 4019):  S1111

39¢ Sugar Ray Robinson (Scott 4020):  V11


39¢ Benjamin Franklin, 4 designs (Statesman, Scott 4021, UL & LL PN; Scientist, Scott 4022; Printer, Scott 4023; Postmaster, Scott 4024, UR & LR PN; block or strip of 4 Scott 4024a):  V1111

Lady & Tramp (Scott 4028), plate number P111111
from 39¢ Disney, Romance, (block or vertical strip of 4, Scott 4028a)

39¢ Two Bluebirds Love booklet pane of 20 (Scott 4029, pane of 20 Scott 4029a):  V11111

39¢ Katherine Anne Porter (Scott 4030):  S1111

39¢ Amber Alert (Scott 4031):  V111111

39¢ Purple Heart (Scott 4032):  P1111

See Spotlight on Purple Heart Issues for additional information.


Coast Redwoods (Scott 4063) and Quaking Aspen (Scott 4072), plate number V1111
from 39¢ Wonders of America (Scott 4072a)

39¢ Samuel de Champlain self-adhesive (Scott 4073):  P111111

Champlain souvenir sheet of 2 U.S. + 2 Canadian stamps, water-activated (Scott 4074; individual stamp 4074a):  No plate numbers

$8 Washington 2006 souvenir sheet (Scott 4075) and press sheet:  No plate numbers

39¢ Distinguished American Diplomats, souvenir sheet of 6 (Scott 4076a-f) and press sheet:  no plate numbers on front, but V1 appears once on the back for the text along with the PPD and Copyright notice

39¢ Judy Garland (Scott 4077):  S1111

39¢ Judy Garland, die cutting omitted error (Scott 4077a):  S1111

39¢ Ronald Reagan (Scott 4078):  S1111

39¢ Happy Birthday (Scott 4079):  V1111


Roy Campanella (Scott 4080) and Mickey Mantle (Scott 4083), plate number V111111
from 39¢ Baseball Sluggers (block of 4, Scott 4083a)


Flash cover (Scott 4084p) and Hawkman cover (Scott 4084t), plate number V1111
from 39¢ Comic Book Superheroes (20 designs, Scott 4084)


39¢ Comic Book Superheroes, misperfed vertically (LL, Scott 4084p var and LR, Scott 4084t var)

Image courtesy of Stuart Katz


Indian (Scott 4085) and Harley-Davidson (Scott 4088), plate number V11111
from 39¢ Motorcycles (block or strip of 4, Scott 4088a)


Bars and Columns (Scott 4097) and Checkerboard Center (Scott 4098), plate number S11111
from 39¢ Gee's Bend Quilts (block of 10 Scott 4098a; booklet of 20, Scott 4098b)

39¢ Southern Florida Wetland (individual stamps, Scott 4099a-j; pane of 10, Scott 4099):  No plate numbers


Scott 4100 Type I (top of strip) and Type II (bottom of strip), plate number P11111
from 39¢ Christmas, I. Chacón Madonna, convertible booklet of 20 (Scott 4100a)


Snowflake with spindly arms (Scott 4101), Snowflake with leafy arms (Scott 4104), plate number S1111
from 39¢ Christmas Snowflakes, (block or strip of 4, Scott 4104a)


Snowflake with large center (Scott 4107) and Snowflake with leafy arms (Scott 4107), plate number S1111
from 39¢ Christmas Snowflakes, double-sided convertible booklet of 20, die cut 11.3 x 11.5 on 2 or 3 sides, base of denomination even with year date (block or strip of 4, Scott 4108a)

Plate number S1111 from the booklet cover

39¢ Christmas Snowflakes, vending booklet of 20 (sold folded and sealed), die cut 11.3 x 11 on 2 or 3 sides, base of denomination even with year date (block of 4, Scott 4112a):  No plate numbers.  S1111 appears on the booklet cover.


Snowflake with large center (Scott 4115) and Snowflake with leafy arms (Scott 4116), plate number V1111
from 39¢ Christmas Snowflakes, ATM pane of 18 (two groups of 3 x 3, sold flat), die cut 8 x 8 on 2, 3 or 4 sides, denomination even with year date (block of 4, Scott 4116a)

39¢ Eid (Scott 4117):  V111


39¢ Hanukkah (Scott 4118), and die cutting omitted (Scott 4118a):  B1111

39¢ Kwanzaa (Scott 4119):  P111111


63¢ Bryce Canyon National Park airmail (rate to Canada and Mexico) (Scott C139):  S11111, S22222

A die cutting omitted error (Scott C139a) exists with plate number S11111. For additional examples, see Modern Airmails.

75¢ Great Smoky Mountains National Park airmail (international card rate) (Scott C140):  P11111

84¢ Yosemite National Park airmail (international rate) (Scott C141):  V11111

39¢ Official coil (Scott O160):  S111 every 14 stamps

$1 Official (Scott O161):  No plate numbers (copyright only)

$15 Ross's Goose Duck stamp, water-activated hunting permit sheet stamp (Scott RW73):  S11111

$15 Ross's Goose, self-adhesive booklet single (Scott RW73A):  No plate numbers

$15 Ross's Goose, artist-signed sheetlet (Scott RW73b):  No plate numbers


The plate number information appearing on this page has been contributed by APNSS members Jim Ragsdale, Jim Cochrane and Rick Burdsall.

A complete listing and valuation of plate numbers, positions and other marginal markings appears in the latest edition of the Hebert's Catalog of Plate Number Singles.

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