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Scott C13, Plate number single 20079R

Examples of Plate Number Singles

Our goal is to illustrate one example of a plate number single for every U.S. stamp that was issued with plate numbers.

Plate Number singles from the Classical Period

Early plate numbers, 1851 through Civil War grilled issues

The 1869 Pictorials

The Banknotes:
National, Continental and American Bank Note Co. printings, 1870-1887

The "Small Banknotes" of 1890 (complete)

The Columbian series of 1893 (complete)

The First Bureau Issue

Unwatermarked (1894, complete)

Double-line watermarked (1895, complete)

New colors (1898, complete)

The Turn of the Century

The Trans-Mississippi series of 1898 (complete)

The Pan-American issue of 1901 (complete)

The Second Bureau Issue of 1902-1903 (complete)

Early 20th Century Commemoratives, 1904-1915 (complete)

The Washington-Franklin series (Third Bureau Issue)

Double-line watermarked issues

Single-line watermarked issues (complete)

Unwatermarked issues (complete)

Offset printings (complete)

Other marginal markings

The Fourth Bureau Issue (complete)

1922-1923 Flat Plate issues

1923-1931 Rotary Press issues

Kansas-Nebraska overprints of 1929

Related issues

The Second Quarter of the 20th Century (complete)

The Early 1920s  (1920-1925 commemoratives)

The 2 Harding Memorial issue of 1923

2-cent Reds  (1926-1932 commemoratives)

3-cent Commemorative issues of the 1930s, 1933-1939

The Presidential Series of 1938

The Famous Americans issue of 1940 and related issues

3-cent Commemorative issues of the 1940s, 1940-1949

Mid-Century issues and the end of "real" plate numbers

3-cent Commemorative issues of the 1950s, 1950-1958 (complete)

The Liberty Series of 1954 (complete)

4-cent Commemorative issues of 1957-1962 (complete)

The "Sixth and a Half" Bureau Series of 1962 (complete)

5-cent Commemorative issues of 1963-1967 (complete)

The Prominent Americans Series of 1965 (complete)

6-cent Commemorative issues of 1968-1971 (complete)

8-cent Commemorative issues of 1971-1973 (complete)

10-cent Commemorative issues of 1974-1975 (complete)

The Americana Series of 1975 (complete)

13-cent Commemorative issues of 1975-1978

15-cent Commemorative issues of 1978-1981

The Beginning of the "Representative Plate Number" Era

The Great Americans Series of 1980-2002 (complete)

Transportation Series coils of 1981-1999 (complete)

Modern High Value issues, 1981-2011

Flora and Fauna issues, 1990-2005

18-cent Commemorative issues of 1981

20-cent Commemorative issues of 1981-1984

22-cent Commemorative issues of 1985-1988

25-cent Commemorative issues of 1988-1990

29-cent Commemorative issues of 1991-1995

Plate Number Singles of the Modern Era

American Culture Series of 1995-2005

American Scenes Series of 1995-2005, including American Transportation series

Distinguished Americans Series of 2000-2009

American Design Series of 2003-2011

32-cent Commemorative issues of 1995-1998

33-cent Commemorative issues of 1998-2000

34-cent Commemorative issues of 2000-2002

37-cent Commemorative issues of 2002-2005

39-cent Commemorative issues of 2005-2007

41-cent Commemorative issues of 2007-2008

42-cent Commemorative issues of 2008-2009

44-cent and "Forever" Commemorative issues of 2009-2011

45-cent and "Forever" Commemorative issues of 2012-2013

46-cent and "Forever" Commemorative issues of 2013 (under construction)

49-cent and "Forever" Commemorative issues of 2014 (under construction)

49-cent and "Forever" Commemorative issues of 2015 (under construction)

47-cent and "Forever" Commemorative issues of 2016 (under construction)

49-cent and "Forever" Commemorative issues of 2017 (under construction)

Privateprinters' prefixes on modern definitives

Spotlight on the (5) Non-profit Sea Coast Coils of 2002-2009

Spotlight on the Purple Heart issues of 2003-2015

Spotlight on the 37 Flag issues of 2002-2005

Spotlight on the 39 Lady Liberty issues of 2005-2007

Spotlight on the Liberty Bell "Forever" stamps of 2007-2012

Airmail issues

 Early Airmail issues 1918-1950 (complete)

 Modern Airmail issues 1950-2012 (complete)

"Back of the Book" issues

·  Semipostal issues 1998-2017 (complete)

 Special Delivery issues and Airmail Special Delivery stamps (complete)

 Postage Due stamps and Parcel Post Postage Due stamps (complete)

 Official stamps -- Banknotes and modern

 Parcel Post issues and Special Handling stamps (complete)

 Offices in China (complete)

Deep "Back of the Book"

Newspaper stamps (complete)

Postal Savings stamps and other savings stamp issues

Early Revenue stamps

Documentary stamps

Proprietary stamps

Stock Transfer and other revenue stamps

Postal Note stamps (complete)

U.S. Possessions and Confederate States

Dummy and Test stamps

Hunting Permit ("Duck stamps")

$1 and $2 issues (1934-1958, complete)

$3, $5 and $7.50 issues (1959-1986, complete)

$10, $12.50 and $15 issues (1987-2012, complete)

Examples of State duck stamps

Examples of Foreign Plate Number Singles


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