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Scott C13, Plate number single 20079R


All sheet or pane issues have plate numbers in four corners (UL, UR, LL, LR) unless otherwise specified.

2˘ Navajo Necklace coil (Scott 3758B):  S111111 every 31 stamps.  Details on American Design page.

10˘ American Clock pane (Scott 3757):  New plate number P5555 reported.  Details on American Design page.

(44˘) Lunar New Year - Rabbit (Scott 4492):  no plate numbers

(44˘) Kansas Statehood (Scott 4493):  P11111

(44˘) Ronald Reagan (Scott 4494):  V111111, LL and LR only

(5˘) Art Deco Dove coil (Scott 4495):  P1111 every 27 stamps

44˘ Quill and Inkwell coil (Scott 4496):  S11111 every 31 stamps

(44˘) Latin Music Legends (Scott 4497-4501, strip of 5 Scott 4501a):  V1111 in LL (Scott 4598) and LR (Scott 4597) only

(44˘) Celebrate (Scott 4502):  S111111

(44˘) Jazz (Scott 4503):  V1111

20˘ Washington pane (Scott 4504):  P11111

Plate number P22222 reported February 2014. There are no known production differences from the initial print run.

29˘ Herbs pane (Scott 4505-09, strip of 5 Scott 4509a):  V11111 adjacent to Oregano, Scott 4505 - UL & LR; Flax, Scott 4506 - LL; and Sage, Scott 4509 - UR

84˘ Oveta Culp Hobby (Scott 4510): V11111

$4.95 New River Gorge Bridge (Scott 4511):  P1111

$4.95 New River Gorge Bridge (Scott 4511):  P1111

20˘ Washington coil (Scott 4512):  P11111 every 31 stamps

Plate number P22222 reported January 2012. There are no known production differences from the initial print run.

29˘ Herbs coil (Scott 4513-17, strip of 5 Scott 4517a):  V11111 on Scott 4515, every 40 stamps

(44˘) Statue of Liberty and Flag ATM pane (Scott 4518-19):  S111111

(44˘) Wedding Roses (Scott 4520)

64˘ Wedding Cake (Scott 4521):  V11111

(44˘) The Civil War:  1861 (Scott 4522-23):  No plate numbers

(44˘) Go Green (16 designs, Scott 4524a through 4524p):  V111111

In March 2012, USPS announced a “reissue” of this stamp in association with Earth Day (April 22, 2012). However, it is nothing more than a marketing push using stamps from the initial print run of 160 million.  There is no new printing or variety.

(44˘) Helen Hayes (Scott 4525):  V11111

(44˘) Gregory Peck (Legends of Hollywood) (Scott 4526):  V1111 in UL & LL only

(44˘) Mercury Project and Messenger Mission (Alan Shepard, Scott 4527; Messenger, Scott 4528):  S111111

(44˘) Purple Heart (Scott 4529):  S1111111

(44˘) Indianapolis 500 (Scott 4530):  S111111 in LL & LR only

(44˘) Garden of Love (Pink flower, Scott 4531; Red flower, Scott 4532; Blue flower, Scott 4533; Butterfly, Scott 4534; Green vine, Scott 4535; Blue flower, Scott 4536; Doves, Scott 4537; Orange-red flower, Scott 4538; Strawberry, Scott 4539; Yellow-orange flower, Scott 4540):  V1111

(44˘) American Scientists (Melvin Calvin, Scott 4541; Asa Gray, Scott 4542; Maria Goeppert Mayer, Scott 4543; Severo Ochoa, Scott 4544; block or strip of 4 Scott 4544a):  S11111111 in LL & LR only

(44˘) Mark Twain (Literary Arts) (Scott 4545):  V1111 in LL and LR only

(44˘) Pioneers of American Industrial Design (Scott 4546a-l):  V1111111 in LR only, adjacent to Gilbert Rohde stamp, Scott 4546l

(44˘) Owney the Postal Dog (Scott 4547):  V11111 in LL & LR only

(44˘) U.S. Merchant Marine (Clipper Ship, Scott 4548; Auxiliary Steamship, Scott 4549; Liberty Ship, Scott 4550; Container Ship, Scott 4551; block or strip of 4 Scott 4551a):  V111111 in UL & LL only, adjacent to Scott 4548

(44˘) Eid (Scott 4552):  V111

(44˘) Hello / Pixar (Cars, Scott 4553; Ratatouille chef, Scott 4554; Buzz Lightyear, Scott 4555; Up dog and man, Scott 4556; Eva from WALL-E, Scott 4557; strip of 5 Scott 4557a):  V1111 in UL, adjacent to Scott 4553, and LR, adjacent to Scott 4557

(44˘) Edward Hopper, "The Long Leg" (Scott 4558):  V11111

(44˘) Liberty and Flag booklet, Ashton-Potter printing (Statue, Scott 4559; Flag, Scott 4560):  P11111

(44˘) Liberty and Flag booklet, SSP printing (Statue, Scott 4561; Flag, Scott 4562):  S11111

(44˘) Liberty and Flag booklet, Avery Dennison printing (Statue, Scott 4563; Flag, Scott 4564):  V11111

(44˘) Barbara Jordan (Scott 4565):  P11111

(44˘) Romare Bearden (Scott 4566-69):  V11111 in LR of the pane of 16 stamps.  Collectible PNS to LR of Scott 4568, or R of Scott 4569

(44˘) Christmas 2011:  Madonna of the Candelabra booklet (Scott 4570):  S11111

(44˘) Christmas 2011:  Holiday Baubles booklet, AP printing with 4evR microprinting (Scott 4571-74):  P1111

(44˘) Christmas 2011:  Holiday Baubles booklet, SSP printing with 4evr microprinting (Scott 4575-78):  S11111

(44˘) Christmas 2011:  Holiday Baubles ATM pane, Avery Dennison printing with 4EVR microprinting (Scott 4579-82):  V11111

(44˘) Hanukkah (Scott 4583):  S11111

(44˘) Kwanzaa (Scott 4584):  P1111

98˘ Grand Tetons National Park airmail (Scott C147):  new plate number V22222 reported in July 2011 for this 2009 issue

80˘ Voyageurs National Park airmail (Scott C148):  P11111

$15 Federal Hunting Permit stamp, self-adhesive die cut (Scott RW78)

$15 Duck stamp, pane of 1 (Scott RW78A):  No plate numbers

No new Official stamps were printed in 2011.  Government agencies were expected to use up existing stock, then continue the conversion to meters and other postage payment methods.





The plate number information appearing on this page has been contributed by APNSS members Jim Ragsdale, Jim Cochrane and Rick Burdsall.

A complete listing and valuation of plate numbers, positions and other marginal markings will appear in the next edition of the Hebert's Catalog of Plate Number Singles.


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