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Scott C13, Plate number single 20079R


All sheet or pane issues have plate numbers in four corners (UL, UR, LL, LR) unless otherwise specified.

The Postmaster General has announced that the first-class rate is expected to remain at 44 through 2010.  Some rates for other services are being changed slightly.

44 Lunar New Year - Tiger (Scott 4435):  no plate numbers

44 Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, Snowboarder (Scott 4436):  V111111 in LL and LR only

(44) Liberty Bell "Forever" stamp, 2009 date (Scott 4437):  P11111

$4.90 Mackinaw Bridge, priority mail rate (Scott 4438):  V1111

$18.30 Bixby Creek Bridge, express mail rate (Scott 4439):  V1111

44 Distinguished Sailors (Sims, Burke, McCloy, Miller, Scott 4440-4443):  V111111

44 Abstract Expressionists (Hoffman; Rothko; Motherwell; Pollock; Mitchell; Gorky; Gottlieb; de Kooning; Still; Newman, Scott 4444):  no plate numbers

44 Bill Mauldin Scott 4445):  P1111

44 Cowboys of the Silver Screen (Hart, Mix, Gene Autry, Scott 4449; Rogers, block or strip of 4 Scott 4449a):  P1111

44 Love: Pansies in a Basket (Scott 4450):  V11111, V22222, LL and LR only



44 Animal Rescue (Scott 4451-4460; UL Scott 4451; UR Scott 4452; LL Scott 4459; LR Scott 4460):  S11111111

44 Legends of Hollywood:  Katharine Hepburn (Scott 4461):  V11, UL and LL only

64 Monarch butterfly (Scott 4462):  V111111, V222222

44 Kate Smith (Scott 4463):  V1111

44 Black Heritage:  Oscar Micheaux (Scott 4464):  V1111


44 Negro Leagues Baseball (Safe at Home, Scott 4465; Rube Foster, Scott 4466; pair Scott 4466a):  V11111


44 Sunday Funnies (Beetle Bailey, Scott 4467; Garfield; Archie; Calvin and Hobbes; Dennis the Menace, Scott 4471; strip of 5 Scott 4471a):  S111111111

44 Scouting (Boy Scouts Centennial) (Scott 4472):  V111111

44 American Treasures:  Winslow Homer, "Boys in the Pasture" (Scott 4473)  S11111

44 Nature of America:  Hawaiian Rain Forest:  no plate numbers

44 Mother Teresa (Scott 4475):  V1111

44 Literary Arts: Julia de Burgos (Scott 4476):  V1111

44 Flags of our Nation IV, coil of 50, ten designs (American Flag with Purple Mountains Majesty, plus Montana through North Dakota, expected to be assigned reserved Scott numbers 4303-4312):  plate number on the Purple Mountains Majesty stamp (Scott 4303)

Scott is expected to assign a minor catalog number for a strip of 5, starting with the stamp with the plate number; a second minor catalog number for the remaining strip of 5; and a minor number for a strip of 10 starting with the stamp with the plate number.  A plate strip of 11 with the plate number in the center stamp will be listed but not assigned a catalog number.

44 Holiday Evergreens (Ponderosa Pine; Eastern Red Cedar; Balsam Fir; Blue Spruce), expected in booklet and ATM format and perhaps others

44 Christmas 2010:  Angel with Lute (Scott 4477):  V11111

$15 Federal Hunting Permit stamp, self-adhesive die cut (Scott RW77):  No plate numbers

$15 Duck stamp, pane of 1 (Scott RW77A):  No plate numbers

$15 Duck stamp, artist-signed souvenir sheet of 1 (Scott RW77b):  No plate numbers


The plate number information appearing on this page has been contributed by APNSS members Jim Ragsdale, Jim Cochrane and Rick Burdsall.

A complete listing and valuation of plate numbers, positions and other marginal markings will appear in the next edition of the Hebert's Catalog of Plate Number Singles.


Comments?  Suggestions?  New plate number to report?  Email the Webmaster:  apnss.sec at gmail dot com.


This page last updated May 31, 2011.

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