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Scott C13, Plate number single 20079R


All sheet or pane issues have plate numbers in four corners (UL, UR, LL, LR) unless otherwise specified.

Denominations in parentheses are Forever stamps, if first class rate, or nominal rate, if service-inscribed. The first class rate changed from 46¢ to 49¢ on January 26, 2014. The 3 cent increase represents one cent for inflation, and 2 cents as a "temporary" increase that will allow USPS to recoup losses suffered during the recession. In theory, the temporary 2 cent portion will be scaled back, dropped, or netted out of future rate increases.

Coil stamps have plate numbers at the bottom center or bottom right of single stamps and appear at the interval specified.

Plate numbers and copyright markings for self-adhesive booklet stamps or ATM panes appear on a peelable strip within the pane.

Regular issues and Commemoratives

10¢ American Clock, overall tagged (Scott 3757b): P7777

The additional printing with plate number P7777 was first reported in December 2014.

4¢ Chippendale Chair water-activated coil, reprint with 2013 date, Ashton-Potter (Scott 3761A): P1111

Additional printing of 20¢ Washington pane (Scott 4504): P22222

Reprint of 1¢ Bobcat self-adhesive coil (Scott 4672): P2222 every 27

Rerpint of 2012 (F) Purple Heart with 2014 date (Scott 4704a): C111111

(F) Poinsettia booklet, 2014 reprint (Scott 4816b): S2222

(F) Medal of Honor: Korean War with 2014 date (Scott 4822a, Navy, and 4823a, Army): S111111 in LL and LR

(F) Year of the Horse (Scott 4846): no plate numbers

(F) Love - Cut paper heart (Scott 4847): C111

49¢ Ferns coil, five designs (Scott 4848-52, strip of 5 Scott 4852a): C1111 on Autumn Fern, Scott 4850

(F) Star Spangled Banner coil, die cut 8-1/2V, no microprinting (Scott 4853): C11111

(F) Star Spangled Banner coil, die cut 9-1/2V, microprinting at bottom of flag next to flagpole (Scott 4854): P1111

(F) Star Spangled Banner double-sided booklet of 20, die cut 11-1/4 x 10-3/4 on 2 or 3 sides, matte paper, greenish tagging, with microprinting (Scott 4855): P1111 for initial printing; second printing with P2222 reported in December 2014.

(F) Shirley Chisholm (Scott 4856): C1111

34¢ Hummingbird pane of 20 (post card rate, Scott 4857): P11111, P22222

The second printing with plate number P22222 was first reported in late June 2014.

34¢ Hummingbird coil (Scott 4858): P11111, P22222

P11111 was distributed largely to post offices at the February issue date. The second printing with plate number P22222 was first reported in late April 2014.

70¢ Great Spangled Fritillary (butterfly stamp) (2 ounce rate, Scott 4859): C1111111

21¢ Abraham Lincoln pane of 20 (additional ounce rate, Scott 4860): C111

21¢ Abraham Lincoln coil of 100 (additional ounce rate, Scott 4861): C111

(F) Winter Flowers booklet, four designs (Scott 4862-65): S11111

91¢ Ralph Ellison (3 ounce rate, Scott 4866): C11111

70¢ Wedding Cake (2 ounce rate, Scott 4867): S111111

(F) Star Spangled Banner coil, die cut 11V, microprinting in fireworks above flagpole (Scott 4868): S11111

(F) Star Spangled Banner, double-sided booklet of 20, CCL printing, die cut 11.4 x 11.6 (or 11-1/4 x 11-1/2) on 2 or 3 sides, low glossy paper, white tagging, no microprinting (Scott 4869): C1111

(F) Star Spangled Banner, double-sided booklet of 20, SSP printing, die cut 11-1/4 x 10-3/4 on 2 or 3 sides, glossy paper, greenish tagging, microprinting in fireworks above flagpole (Scott 4870): S11111

(F) Star Spangled Banner, ATM pane, die cut 11-1/4 x 10-3/4 (or 11-1/4 x 11) on 2, 3 or 4 sides, thin and glossy paper, greenish tagging, microprinting in fireworks (Scott 4871): S11111

$5.60 Verazzano Narrows Bridge (priority mail rate, Scott 4872): P1111 in UL and LR only

$19.99 USS Arizona Memorial (express mail rate, Scott 4873): S1111 in UL and LR only

(F) Ferns coil (Scott 4874-78): C1111 on Autumn fern, Scott 4876

70¢ C. Alfred "Chief" Anderson (2 ounce rate, Scott 4879): P1111 in LL and LR only

(F) Jimi Hendrix (Scott 4880): no plate numbers

(F) Yes I Do (Scott 4881): P1111

(F) Songbirds, 10 designs, convertible booklet of 20 (Scott 4882-91): P1111

(F) Charlton Heston (Scott 4892): P1111 in UL and LL only

($1.15) Sea Surface Temperatures, Global forever airmail (Scott 4893): P111111 in LL and LR only

(F) Red, White and Blue coil of 10,000 (four designs, Scott 4894-97): C11 on the stamp with 6 stars, Scott 4896

(F) Circus Posters (multiple designs, Scott 4898-4905): no plate numbers

$2.00 Circus Posters souvenir sheet (Scott 4905b), including two 50¢ pane versions of the 5¢ Circus Wagon coil from the Transportation series (Scott 4905c) and a $1 Circus Poster (Scott 4905d): no plate numbers.

Originally, Scott did not plan to assign a catalog number since this issue does not meet their listing criteria for appropriately produced and distributed postage stamps. The souvenir sheet was never made available to the public, was printed in extremely limited quantities, and could only be purchased at many times face value as part of an expensive marketing gimmick.

(F) Harvey Milk (Scott 4906): S1111

(F) Nevada Statehood (Scott 4907): S111111

(F) Hot Rods booklet (two designs, Scott 4908-09): C1111

(F) Civil War 1864: Battle of Petersburg (Scott 4910), Battle of Mobile Bay (Scott 4911): no plate numbers

(F) Farmers' Markets (four designs, Scott 4912 - 4915): P1111 in LR only

(F) Janis Joplin (Scott 4916): no plate numbers

(F) Hudson River School (Scott 4917-20): C1111

(F) War of 1812: Fort McHenry (1814) (Scott 4921): no plate numbers

(F) Celebrity Chefs (Scott 4922 - 4926): P11111 in LL (Scott 4922) & LR (Scott 4926) only

$5.75 Glade Creek Grist Mill (Scott 4927): P1111 in UL & LR only

(F) Batman (Scott 4928-35): no plate numbers

($1.15) Silver Bells with Wreath global airmail (Scott 4936): S11111 in LL & LR only

(F) Christmas 2014: Winter Fun booklet, die cut 10.75 x 11 (Scott 4937 - 4940): C1111

(F) Christmas 2014: Winter Fun ATM pane, die cut 11.25 x 11 (Scott 4941 - 4144): P1111

(F) Christmas 2014: Magi and Camels (Scott 4945) S11111

(F) Christmas 2014: Rudolph (Scott 4946 - 4949): C11111

(F) Wilt Chamberlain (Philadelphia uniform, Scott 4950; Lakers uniform, Scott 4951): S1111

Semipostal stamps

(49 + 11¢) Breast Cancer reprint with 2014 date (Scott B5): S111111

Airmail issues

Although the global airmail stamps of the last few years are intended to meet an airmail rate, they are valid for all types of mailings and there is no indication in the stamps' designs that they are primarily for airmail purposes. Therefore Scott assigns a regular catalog number rather than one with the traditional C prefix.

Hunting Permit stamps

$15 Canvasback Duck hunting permit stamp 2014-2015 (Scott RW81): P1111

$15 Hunting Permit self-adhesive pane of 1 (Scott RW81A): no plate numbers


USPS has stated that there will be no more denominated airmail stamps. Scott Publishing has indicated that the new global airmail stamps will be considered regular definitive stamps, not as airmail issues.

As of 2013, Official stamps have been "officially" discontinued.  Government agencies will use up existing stock, then continue the conversion to forever stamps, meters and other postage payment methods.




The plate number information appearing on this page has been contributed by APNSS members Jim Ragsdale, Jim Cochrane and Rick Burdsall.

A complete listing and valuation of plate numbers, positions and other marginal markings will appear in the next edition of the Hebert's Catalog of Plate Number Singles.


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