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Scott C13, Plate number single 20079R


All sheet or pane issues have plate numbers in four corners (UL, UR, LL, LR) unless otherwise specified.

59 James Michener, Distinguished Americans series (Scott 3427A):  S11111

76 Edward Trudeau, Distinguished Americans series (Scott 3432A):  P1111

1 Tiffany Lamp, self-adhesive pane of 20, 2008 date (Scott 3749A):  S1111

1 Tiffany Lamp, water-activated coil of 3000, perf 9.85 vertically, 2008 date (Scott 3758A):  S11111 every 31 stamps

5 Toleware, self-adhesive pane of 20 with 2007 date, lithographed (Scott 3756A):  S2222222

10 American Clock, water-activated coil of 10,000, perf 9.85 vertically, offset printing, 2008 date (Scott 3763):  S1111 every 31 stamps

$1 Wisdom self-adhesive definitive with 2008 date (Scott 3766a):  P11111

41 Lunar New Year (Scott 4221):  No plate numbers

41 Charles Chesnutt (Scott 4222):  V1111

41 Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (Scott 4223):  V1111


41 American Scientists, four designs (Gerti Cori, Scott 4224; Linus Pauling, Scott 4225; Edwin Hubble, Scott 4226; John Bardeen, Scott 4227; horizontal strip of 4, Scott 4227a):  V1111

42 Flag, water-activated coils of 3000, 2008 date (Scott 4228-4231, strip of 4 Scott 4231a):  S1111111 alternating every 12 or 16 stamps, with the plate number always appearing on the Flag at Sunrise stamp (Scott 4230)

42 Flag, self-adhesive coils of 100, 2008 date, die cut 9.4 (Scott 4232-4235, strip of 4 Scott 4235a):  P1111 every 16 stamps, with the plate number always appearing on the Flag at Sunrise stamp (Scott 4234)

42 Flag, self-adhesive coils of 100, 2008 date, die cut 11.1 (Scott 4236-4239, strip of 4 Scott 4239a):  S1111 every 16 stamps, with the plate number always appearing on the Flag at Sunrise stamp (Scott 4238)

42 Flag, self-adhesive coils of 3,000 and 10,000, 2008 date, die cut 11 (Scott 4244-4247, strip of 4 Scott 4247a):  V1111, V2222 every 8 stamps, with the plate number always appearing on the Flag at Sunrise stamp (Scott 4246)

(42) Forever stamp, 2008 date, self-adhesive convertible booklet of 20, Avery-Dennison (Scott 4125b, booklet of 20 Scott 4125c):  V11111

(42) Forever stamp, 2008 date, self-adhesive convertible vending booklet of 20, Ashton-Potter (Scott 4126b, booklet of 20 Scott 4126c):  P11111

(42) Forever ATM stamp, 2008 date (Scott 4127d; pane of 18, Scott 4127e):  V22222


42 American Journalists, five designs (Martha Gellhorn, Scott 4248; George Polk, Eric Sevareid, John Hersey, Ruben Salazar, Scott 4252; vertical strip of 5, Scott 4252a):  P1111, appearing with Gellhorn (UL and LR), Hersey (UR) and Sevareid (LL)


27 Tropical Fruit (post card rate), pane of 20 (Pomegranate, Scott 4253; Guava, Scott 4257; strip of 5, Scott 4257a):  P1111, with UL and LL on Scott 4253 and UR and LR on Scott 4257

27 Tropical Fruit coil (Papaya, Scott 4258, Guava, Scott 4259, Pomegranate, Scott 4260, Star Fruit, Scott 4261, Kiwi, Scott 4262; strip of 5, Scott 4262a):  V1111111 appearing on Scott 4260, plate number every 40 stamps

Both Peak/Valley and Valley/Peak die cuts, apparently in equal numbers.

In August 2009, a coil of 100 with a few stamps already used up was reported with the light green color omitted.  A single plate strip is known with the light green '1' missing from its proper place in the plate number.

42 Purple Heart, water-activated pane of 100 (Scott 4263):  P1111, UR position only

42 Purple Heart, self-adhesive pane of 20 (Scott 4264):  P1111, P2222

P2222 is scheduled to receive twice the print run of P1111

42 Frank Sinatra (Scott 4265):  P1111

42 Minnesota Statehood (Scott 4266):  P1111

62 Dragonfly, non-machinable one ounce rate stamp (Scott 4267):  S1111

$4.80 Mount Rushmore Priority Mail stamp (Scott 4268):  P1111

$16.50 Hoover Dam Express Mail stamp (Scott 4269):  S11111

42 Love: All Heart booklet pane of 20 (Scott 4270):  V1111

42 Wedding Hearts (Scott 4271):  no plate numbers

59 Wedding Hearts (Scott 4272):  V111

42 Flags of our Nation I, coil of 50, ten designs (American flag, Scott 4273; Alabama, Scott 4274; Alaska, Scott 4275; American Samoa, Scott 4276; Arizona, Scott 4277; Arkansas, Scott 4278; California, Scott 4279; Colorado, Scott 4280; Connecticut, Scott 4281; Delaware, Scott 4282; strip of 5, 4273-77, Scott 4277a; strip of 5, 4278-82, Scott 4282a; strip of 10, 4273-82, Scott 4282b):  S111111111, appearing on the American flag, Scott 4273

Scott has determined that a coil strip of 10 or 11 is too bulky for albums.  They have assigned catalog number 4277a to a strip of 5 starting with the U.S. flag (with the plate number), and Scott 4282a to a strip of 5 consisting of the other five stamps.  They also list and price strips of 10 (Scott 4282b, starting with the plate number) and 11 (with the plate number centered; listed but not assigned a catalog number), but they recognize that such strips are impractical to mount.

42 Flags of our Nation II, coil of 50, ten designs (District of Columbia, Scott 4283; Florida, Scott 4284; Georgia, Scott 4285; Guam, Scott 4286; Hawaii, Scott 4287; Idaho, Scott 4288; Illinois, Scott 4289; Indiana, Scott 4290; Iowa, Scott 4291; Kansas, Scott 4292; strip of 5, 4283-87, Scott 4287a; strip of 5, 4288-4292, Scott 4292a; strip of 10, 4283-92, Scott 4292b):  S111111111, appearing on the District of Columbia flag, Scott 4283



42 Charles and Ray Eames (pane of 16, Scott 4333; Christmas card UL, Scott 4333a; Study house UR, Scott 4333d; Plywood sculpture LL, Scott 4333m; Plywood chair LR, Scott 4333p):  V1111111

42 Olympics (Scott 4334):  S1111111

42 Celebrate (Scott 4335):  S1111


42 Vintage Black Cinema (Black & Tan, Scott 4336; The Sport of the Gods, Scott 4337; Princess Tam-Tam, Scott 4338; Caldonia, Scott 4339; Hallelujah, Scott 4340; strip of 5, Scott 4340a):  P1111

42 "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" (Scott 4341):  V1111

42 Disney:  Imagination (Dalmatians, Scott 4342; Steamboat Willie, Scott 4343; Princess Aurora, Scott 4344; Mowgli and Baloo, Scott 4345; Block of four, Scott 4345a):  V111111 in UL and UR (Dalmatians, Scott 4342) and LL and LR (Jungle Book, Scott 4345)

42 Albert Bierstadt, painting "Valley of the Yosemite" (Scott 4346; convertible booklet of 20, Scott 4346a):  S1111

42 Sunflower booklet (Scott 4347, convertible booklet of 20, Scott 4347a):  P1111

(5) Sea Coast coil, 2007 date, water activated coils of 500, perf. 9.8 vertically (Scott 4348):  S11111 every 31 stamps

Details may be found on the Sea Coast page

42 Latin Jazz (Scott 4349):  V1111

42 Bette Davis (Scott 4350):  P1111

42 Eid (Scott 4351):  V111

42 Great Lakes Dunes, 10 designs (Scott 4352, 4352a-j):  No plate numbers


42 Tailfins and Chrome, five designs (Scott 4357a):  S1111, appearing with 1959 Cadillac (UL and LR, Scott 4353), 1957 Studebaker (UR, Scott 4354) and 1957 Chrysler (LL (Scott 4357)

42 Alzheimer's Awareness (Scott 4358):  V111111 in LL and LR corners

42 Christmas Madonna, self-adhesive pane of 20 (Scott 4359):  P11111

Scott 4360     Scott 4363

Images courtesy of Doug D'Avino

42 Holiday Nutcrackers, four designs, double-sided booklet of 20 (Drummer, Scott 4360; Santa Claus, Scott 4361; King, Scott 4362; Soldier, Scott 4363; block of 4 Scott 4363a):  S11111

42 Holiday Nutcrackers, four designs, vending booklet of 20 (Drummer, Scott 4364; Santa Claus, Scott 4365; King, Scott 4366; Soldier, Scott 4367; block of 4 Scott 4367a):  S11111

42 Holiday Nutcrackers, four designs, folding booklet of 20 (same designs and numbers as Scott 4364-4367; booklet of 20, Scott 4367b; pane of 6 with extra 4364-65, Scott 4367c; pane of 6 with extra 4366-67, Scott 4366d):  No plate numbers.  Plate number S11111 appears on the booklet cover

Scott 4368     Scott 4370

42 Holiday Nutcrackers, four designs, ATM pane of 18 (Drummer, Scott 4368; Santa Claus, Scott 4369; King, Scott 4370; Soldier, Scott 4371; block of 4 Scott 4371a):  V1111

42 Hanukkah (Scott 4372):  S1111

42 Kwanzaa (Scott 4373)

72 New Hampshire river scene (Canada / Mexico airmail rate) (Scott C144):  S11111

94 U.S. Virgin Islands (international airmail rate) (Scott C145):  V11111

$15 Federal Hunting Permit stamp, self-adhesive die cut (Scott RW75):  No plate numbers

$15 Duck stamp, pane of 1 (Scott RW75A):  No plate numbers

$15 Duck stamp, artist signed pane of 1 (Scott RW75b):  No plate numbers


Announced but not issued:

A 42 Official coil was originally announced for June 20, but was not issued at the last moment.  USPS says that there are enough 41 Official stamps to meet current needs.  They intended to determine later whether to issue the 42 stamp, but with the arrival of the 44 rate period, it proved to be unnecessary.


The plate number information appearing on this page has been contributed by APNSS members Jim Ragsdale, Jim Cochrane and Rick Burdsall.

A complete listing and valuation of plate numbers, positions and other marginal markings appear in the 2011 edition of the Hebert's Catalog of Plate Number Singles.


Comments?  Suggestions?  New plate number to report?  Email the Webmaster:  apnss.sec at gmail dot com.


This page last updated September 4, 2009.

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