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Early U.S. Airmail stamps

1918 issue

Scott C1, 6, Plate Number 9155 T

Scott C2, 16, Plate Number F8900 T

Scott C3, 24, red plate number 8492 T

Scott C3, 24, blue plate number 8493 T

Scott C3 var, 24 "fast plane," red plate number 8492 T

Scott C3 var, 24 "high and fast plane," blue plate number 8493 T and red plate number 8492 T

Scott C3 var, 24 "high plane," red plate number 8492 T

Scott C3a, 24 frame inverted error, blue plate number 8493 T

A plate number single of this stamp does not actually exist.  The sole plate block from the unique sheet has been preserved intact.  The above image is a mock-up of what a Scott C3a plate single might look like.  It was created by a former APNSS Secretary, the late Tom Yano, and was used as an eye-catcher and as part of the APNSS logo for some years.

Scott C3a, 24 frame inverted error, blue plate number 8493 B, photographically cropped from the unique plate block of 4.  No red plate number appeared on the original sheet.


1923 issue

Scott C4, 8, Plate Number 14824 L

Scott C5, 16, Plate Number 14828 L

Scott C6, 24, Plate Number 14841 L


1926-27 "Map" issue

Scott C7, 10, Plate Number 18246 R

Scott C7 var, 10, precancel, Plate Number 18247 B

Scott C8, 15, Plate Number 18746 L

Scott C9, 20, Plate Number18898 R

Scott C9 var, 20, Plate NumberF18892 B.  On this plate, the "F" appeared in both the normal Top Right position as well as inverted in the Lower Left position as in this example.

Scott C9 var, 20, misperfed due to paper fold, Plate Number18893 L


1927 Lindbergh issue

Scott C10, 10, Plate Number 18999 R

Scott C10a, 10 from booklet pane, showing partial plate Number 19427


1928 Beacon issue

Scott C11, 5, red plate number 19570 T and blue plate number 19546 T

Scott C11 var, 5, red plate number 19701 T, blue vignette centered to left

Scott C11 var, 5, red plate number F 19551 T, blue vignette shifted to bottom

Winged Globe issues

Scott C12, 5 flat plate issue, Plate Number 19944 L

Scott C16, 5 rotary press issue, Plate Number 20606 LL

Scott C16 var, 5 rotary press issue, ghost Plate Number 20607

Scott C19, 6, Plate Number 22135 UL

Scott C17, 8, Plate Number 21030 UR

Scott C17 var, 8, misperfed, Plate Number 21031 LR

Scott C24, 30, Plate Number F22384 T


1930 Zeppelin issue

Scott C13, 65, Plate Number 20077 L

Scott C14, $1.30, Plate Number 20085 B

Scott C15, $2.60, Plate Number 20092 R

1933 "Baby Zeppelin" issue

Scott C18, 50, Plate Number 21172 B


1935-37 China Clipper issues

Scott C20, 25, Plate Number 21476 B

Scott C21, 20 green, Plate Number 21626 B

Scott C21 var, 20 dark green, Plate Number 21623 T

Scott C22, 50, Plate Number 21625 B


1935 Bi-colored Eagle issue

Scott C23, 6 dark blue & carmine, pair with plate numbers F21847 T and 21855 T

Scott C23a, 6 dark blue & carmine, imperforate horizontally error, pair with plate number 21835 T

Scott C23 var (formerly C23c), 6 ultramarine & carmine error, plate number F21948 T

Scott C23 var, 6 dark blue & carmine, precanceled, plate number 21903 T

Scott C23 var, 6 dark blue & carmine, misperfed pair with plate numbers 21921 T and F21835 T

Scott C23 var, 6 dark blue & carmine, misperfed and carmine shifted to bottom, plate numbers F21845 T


1941-44 Transport issue

Scott C25, 6, Plate Number 23253 UL

Scott C25 var, 6, over-inked, Plate Number 23253 UL

Scott C25a, 6, booklet single with partial plate number 22580

Scott C26, 8, Plate Number 23128 LR

Scott C27, 10, Plate Number 22757 LR

Scott C28, 15, Plate Number 22765 LR

Scott C29, 20, Plate Number 22761 LL

Scott C30, 30, Plate Number 22774 UL

Scott C31, 50, Plate Number 22778 UR

Most airmail stamps that picture an airplane use a real plane.  For the "Transport" issue, the plane is a mock-up of various features from different planes and manufacturers.  The tri-tail, for example, is borrowed from the Lockheed Constellation.

1945 DC-4 Skymaster

Scott C32, 5, Large Skymaster, Plate Number 23488 LR

Scott C33, 5 Small Skymaster, Plate Number 23586 LL

Scott C33 var, 5 Small Skymaster, phantom Plate Number 23532

Scott C37, 5 Small Skymaster coil, partial Plate Number 23717

Scott C39, 6 Small Skymaster, Plate Number 24042 UR

Scott C39 var, 6 Small Skymaster, misperfed to left, Plate Number 23985 UL

Scott C39 var, 6 Small Skymaster, misperfed to left and bottom, Plate Number 24031 UL

Scott C39a, 6 Small DC-4 Skymaster, single from booklet pane showing plate number 24264


1947-49 issues

Scott C34, 10 Pan American Union Building, Plate Number 23694 UL

Scott C35, 15 New York City skyline, Plate Number 25940 UL

Scott C36, 25 Brooklyn Bridge, Plate Number 23688 UR

Scott C38, 5 New York City, Plate Number 23846 UL

Scott C40, 5 Alexandria, Virginia, Plate Number 24086 UL


1949 U.P.U. issue

Scott C42, 10, Plate Number 24155 LR

Scott C43, 15, Plate Number 24149 LR

Scott C44, 25, Plate Number 24153 UR


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