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Allied Military Government issues

France was liberated starting with D-Day, June 6, 1944. AMG stamps were issued later in the year and were in use until superseded by stamps of the Free French government in 1945.

The stamps are denominated in the French currency, centimes and francs.

The stamps were printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, DC. The plate number fonts and positioning are similar to those used on the U.S. Documentary stamps of the same period. They are frequently collected as pairs or blocks, as care was not taken during printing to ensure that the plate number appeared on the selvage of a single stamp.

First series, single colors, 1944

  Scott 2N1, 5 centimes, plate number 45440

  Scott 2N2, 10c, plate number 45474

  Scott 2N3, 25c, plate number 45442

  Scott 2N4, 50c, plate number 45437

  Scott 2N5, 1 franc, plate number 45443

  Scott 2N6, 1.50 fr, plate number 45444

  Scott 2N7, 2.50 fr, plate number 45445

  Scott 2N8, 4 fr, plate number 45568

  Scott 2N9, 5 fr, plate number 45446

  Scott 2N10, 10 fr, plate number 45475

Second series, bi-colored, denominations in black, 1945

The second series required two plates. Plate 45891 was used to print the different colors for the Arc de Triomphe, with separate plates used to print each denomination in black. BEP would later do something similar with the final U.S. postage due series, using common plates for the background with a separate process for the denominations.


Scott 2N11, 30c, plate number 45891 and 45965


Scott 2N12, 40c, plate number 45891 and 45966


Scott 2N13, 50c, plate number 45891 and 45967


Scott 2N14, 60c, plate number 45891 and 45968


Scott 2N15, 80c, plate number 45891 and 45923


Scott 2N16, 1.20 fr, plate number 45891 and 45931


Scott 2N17, 1.50 fr, plate number 45891 and 45924


Scott 2N18, 2 fr, plate number 45891 and 45962


Scott 2N19, 2.40 fr, plate number 45891 and 45925


Scott 2N20, 3 fr, plate number 45891 and 45963


All AMG-France PNS examples have been photographically cropped from plate blocks of six. Images courtesy of the late Wallace Cleland.

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