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The 2 Reds

Red was the color designated by the Universal Postal Union for internal or domestic postage stamps.  Except for a brief period at the end of World War I, domestic postage rates were 2 until 1933.  Virtually all of the 2 commemoratives from 1898 through the early 1930s were red (or "carmine" or "scarlet" or...), and the few that weren't predominantly featured red.  The nickname "2 reds" applies especially to the single-issue commemoratives issued from 1926, beginning with the Liberty Bell issue, Scott 626, through the Lake Placid and Arbor Day issues of 1932, Scott 716 and 717.

1926 issues

Scott 626, 2 150th anniversary of independence, plate number 18540 T

Scott 629, 2 Battle of White Plains, plate number 18768 R

Scott 630a, 2 Battle of White Plains, used single from souvenir sheet of 25, bottom plate number 18771.  The stamp is canceled on Oct. 18, 1926, the first day of issue.

Scott 630a, 2 Battle of White Plains, single from souvenir sheet of 25, right plate number F18773.  Virtually all F "finished" designations were with a Top plate number.  This is the only occasion known to this writer where the "F" appears on a side stamp.

1927 issues

Scott 643, 2 Vermont, plate number 19035 B

Scott 643 var, 2 Vermont, dark red, used, plate number 19036 R

Scott 644, 2 Burgoyne, plate number 19064 B

1928 issues

Scott 645, 2 Valley Forge, plate number 19495 R

Scott 649, 2 and Scott 650, 5 International Aeronautics Conference, plate numbers 19665 T and F19659 T

1929 issues

Scott 651, 2 George Rogers Clark, red plate number 19726 T and black plate number 19733 T

Scott 651 var, 2 George Rogers Clark, vignette misregistered low and to the right, black plate number 19733 T


Scott 654, 2 Edison, plate number 19777 T (flat plate), Scott 655, plate number 19779 UR (rotary press), and Scott 656 (coil, showing partial plate number 19782)

Scott 657, 2 Sullivan,  plate number 19786 B

Scott 657a, 2 Sullivan,  lake, plate number 19784 B

Scott 680, 2 Wayne,  plate number 19830 R

Scott 681, 2 Ohio River Canalization,  plate number 19838 B

Scott 681 var, 2 Ohio River Canalization,  pre-print paper fold, plate number 19841 B

1930 issues

Scott 682, 2 Massachusetts Bay Colony,  plate number 20056 T

Scott 683, 2 Charleston,  plate number 20064 T

Scott 688, 2 Braddock,  plate number 20170 T

Scott 689, 2 von Steuben,  plate number F20269 T

Scott 689 var, 2 dark carmine rose error,  plate number 20281 B

1931 issues

Scott 690, 2 Pulaski,  plate number 20418 B

Scott 702, 2 Red Cross, top plate strip of 3 with plate numbers F20503 T and F20437 T

Scott 703, 2 Yorktown, carmine plate number 20481 T and black plate number 20476 T

Scott 703b, 2 carmine lake, black plate number 20470 B

1932 issues

Scott 716, 2 1932 Winter Olympics, carmine, Plate number 20825 B

Scott 716a, 2 carmine lake error, top plate number F 20820 photographically cropped from a larger block

Scott 717, 2 Arbor Day, Plate number 20874 UR


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