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U.S. Special Delivery stamps


Scott E1, Plate Number 496

Scott E1P3, proof on card, photographically cropped from a block of 8, Plate Number 495

Scott E1P4, proof on card, photographically cropped from a block of 8, Plate Number 495

Scott E2, Plate Number 73

Scott E2P3, Proof on card, Plate Number 552

Scott E3, Plate Number 552

Scott E4, Plate Number 77

Scott E5, Plate Number 257

Scott E5 var, dots in curved frame variety, Plate Number 882

Scott E5P5, imperf proof on stamp paper, Plate Number 257

Photographically cropped from the unique top plate block of 6. Image courtesy of Schuyler Rumsey Auctions.

Scott E5 var, offset plate number 880 appearing on the back of E5a plate number 882

Photographically cropped from the unique plate block of 9. Image courtesy of Schuyler Rumsey Auctions.

Scott E6, original printing, Plate Number 1483

Scott E6, 1909 reprint, Plate Number 5243-09

Scott E7, Plate Number 4916

Scott E8, Plate Number 5854

Scott E9, Plate Number 5863

Scott E10, Plate Number 6043

Scott E11, ultramarine, Plate Number 11841

Scott E11 var, "pink back" variety, Plate Number F11815

Scott E11 var, paper fold error, Plate Number 8508

Scott E11a, gray blue, Plate Number 10653

Scott E11b, gray violet, Plate Number 13554

Scott E11c, blue, Plate Number 5520

Scott E12, gray violet, Plate Number 17638

Scott E12, Plate Number 13916 with misplaced F in bottom position

Scott E12 var, under-inked, Plate Number F14329

Scott E12a, deep ultramarine, Plate Number 15103

Scott E13, Plate Number F16834

Scott E13 var, special paper, Plate Number F16838

Scott E14, Plate Number 17192

Scott E14 var, partial double transfer, Plate Number 17180

Scott E15, gray violet, Plate Number 22738

Scott E15a, red lilac, Plate Number 22739

Scott E15c, imperforate between vertically, Plate Number 19283

Scott E16, Plate number 22034

Scott E17, Plate number 23170

Scott E18, Plate Number 22168

Scott E19, Plate Number 24553

Scott E19 var, misperfed to left, Plate Number 24553

Scott E19 var, over-inked, Plate Number 24552

Scott E20, Plate Number 25060

Scott E21, Plate Number 25806

Scott E22, Plate Number 31506

Scott E22 var, color shift, Plate Number 31485

Scott E23, Plate Number 33006

Some collectors consider the Priority Mail or Express Mail stamps of recent decades a continuation or subset of the original special delivery stamps. They are numbered with regular issues because they can be used for regular postage and are not limited to the special service indicated.

Airmail Special Delivery stamps

Scott CE1, Plate Number F21312

Scott CE1 var, Plate Number F21315, with gum on face of the stamp

Scott 771, imperforate "Farley" special printing, Plate Number F21314

Scott CE2, Plate Number 21491

Scott CE2, precanceled, Plate Number F21494


Registration stamp (1911)

Scott F1, Plate Number 5720


Certified Mail stamp (1955)

Scott FA1, Plate Number 25180


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