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U.S. Revenue stamps - continued


Playing Card stamps

Scott RF1, 2¢, plate number 5105

Scott RF2, 2¢ ultramarine, plate number 5110

Scott RF2a, 2¢ blue, plate number 5109 (Image courtesy of Eric Jackson)

Scott RF2b, 2¢, imperforate error, plate number 5110

Scott RF3, 2¢ blue, rouletted 7, plate number 5109

Scott RF3a, 2¢ ultramarine, rouletted 7, plate number 5109

Scott RF3p, 2¢, hyphen-hole perf 7, plate number 9330

Scott RF5, 2¢, plate number 44208

Scott RF5a, inverted surcharge, plate number 44208 (Image courtesy of Michael E. Aldrich, Inc.)

Scott RF14, 2¢, plate number 42210 (Image courtesy of Eric Jackson)

Scott RF17, (8¢) "Class A," plate number 81117

Scott RF19, 10¢, plate number 96493

Scott RF20, 10¢ precanceled coil, plate number 105766

Scott RF21, 10¢, plate number 96495

Scott RF22, 10¢, right-side pair illustrating the difference between plate number 96495 (blue) and counting number 45 (red)

Scott RF23, 10¢, plate number 121666

Scott RF24, 10¢, perf 10 (1930), plate number F119006

Scott RF25, 10¢, perf 11 (1931), plate number F119005 (Image courtesy of Eric Jackson)

Scott RF29, 1 pack, plate number 143948

The playing card tax stamps were no longer denominated in cents but rather per pack.



1935 Potato stamps

The potato stamps paid a tax on potatoes, per pound. Plate numbers were trimmed from the printed sheets, and partial plate numbers are found only on miscut panes.

Scott RI14, 2 pounds, plate number 132964

Scott RI15, 5 pounds, plate number 132966 (Image courtesy of Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions)

Scott RI17, 25 pounds, plate number 132981

Scott RI18, 50 pounds, plate number 132962 (Image courtesy of the United States Stamp Society, Durland Catalog)


Firearms stamps

Scott RY1, $1, plate number 134104


Boating stamps

Scott RVB1, $1, plate number 54488

Scott RVB2, $3, plate number 54532


Consular Service stamps

Scott RK5, $2.50 perf 12, plate number 22084 (Image courtesy of eBay / buystamps)

Scott RK11, $2 perf 10, captured plate number 22076 (Image courtesy of eBay / buystamps)

Scott RK15, 30¢ perf 11, captured plate number 22081

Scott RK16 var, $1 perf 11, imperf at right, plate number 22075

Scott RK17 var, $2 perf 11, imperf at right, plate number 22076

Scott RK18 var, $2.50 perf 11, imperf at right, plate number 22084

With so few plate number images of RK consular service stamps, and so many imperf at right, we have to wonder if that is how they were issued? Any information that can help clarify this is appreciated.


Customs Fee stamps

Scott RL1, 20¢, plate number 2018

Scott RL2, 30¢, plate number 2016

Scott RL3, 40¢, plate number 2020

Scott RL5, 60¢, plate number 2014

Scott RL8, 90¢, plate number 2019 (Images of RL2 through RL8 courtesy of eBay / 1typesetter)


An example of a Customs Baggage stamp overprinted for use as a cigarette tax stamp can be found here.


1940 Cotton Order stamps

unlisted, 25¢ proof, plate number 142811

Image courtesy of Chris Steenerson, from the Smithsonian collection.


1889-92 Hydrometer labels

unlisted, proof, plate number 1500

Image courtesy of Chris Steenerson, from the Smithsonian collection.


West Virginia Property Transfer Tax stamps



Serial plate number singles (not plate numbers) photographically cropped from serial number blocks of the $1.10, $3.30, $8.80, $14.30, $34.10 and $62.70 values of the West Virginia property transfer tax stamps.

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