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U.S. Revenue stamps - Tobacco


Cigarette Tax stamps

Scott RH1, 1¢, straddle plate number 8880

Ivester CB136 var, Customs Baggage stamp provisionally handstamped/overprinted for use as customs cigarette stamp, plate number 140842F

Image courtesy of Hermann Ivester


Tobacco Sale Tax stamps

Scott RJ1, 1¢, plate number 22947

Scott RJ2, 2¢, straddle plate number 28150

Scott RJ3, 5¢, plate number 31103

Scott RJ4, 10¢, plate number 28210

Scott RJ5, 25¢, plate number 10033

Scott RJ6, 50¢, straddle plate number 32111

Scott RJ10, $10, plate number 55488 (Image courtesy of eBay / buystamps)

Scott RJ11, $20, used, plate number 57658


Narcotics stamps

Scott RJA10, 2¢ with probably fake NARCOTIC overprint, plate number 2001 (Image courtesy of Eric Jackson)

Scott RJA21, $1, plate number 55341 (Image courtesy of eBay / buystamps)

Scott RJA33, 1¢, plate number 1978

Scott RJA34, 2¢, plate number 2001

Scott RJA39, 10¢, plate number 2110


Marijuana stamps

Scott RJM1, $1, plate number 134105

Scott RJM2, $5, plate number 55484

Scott RJM3, $10, plate number 55487

The marijuana plate number singles are photographically cropped from blocks of 10 from the Smithsonian deaccession. Images courtesy of Matthew Bennett International.


Snuff Tax stamps

Scott TE58, 3 pounds, plate number A5

Scott TE59, 5 pounds, plate number A7

Scott TE193A, 2 ounces, straddle plate number 2895 (Image courtesy of Eric Jackson)


Cigar stamps

Springer TC120A, 500 cigars, plate number 2248

Springer TC123c, 100 cigars, straddle plate number 36??

Springer TC127A, 12 cigars, straddle plate number 31??

Springer TC179b, 250 cigars, 1910, plate number 36726



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