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Scott C13, plate number single 20079


All sheet or pane issues have plate numbers in four corners (UL, UR, LL, LR) unless otherwise specified.


78 Mary Lasker (Scott 3432B): P1111

See the Distinguished Americans page for additional details

17 Bighorn Sheep coil, prephosphored paper (Scott 4138a): V2222

See the Wildlife page for additional details

[10] Patriotic Banner, water activated coil of 500, perf. 9-3/4 vertically (Scott 4385):  S111 every 31 stamps

$4.95 California Redwood, priority mail (Scott 4378): P1111

$17.50 Old Faithful, express mail (Scott 4379): P1111


Scott 4380 and 4383 from 42 Abraham Lincoln (Scott 4383a): P1111

42 Civil Rights Pioneers pane of 6, Scott 4384: No plate numbers or other marginal markings


61 Richard Wright (Scott 4386): P111111 and P222222

This stamp met the new 2-ounce rate (44¢ + 17¢).

28 Polar Bear pane (post card rate; Scott 4387): S1111

A reprint used a different pane layout and PPD but the same S1111 plate number.

See the Wildlife page for additional details

28¢ Polar Bear, die cutting omitted error (Scott 4387a): S1111 (Image courtesy of The Philatelic Foundation)

See the Wildlife page for additional details

64 Dolphin (non-machinable rate, 20¢ surcharge to the 44¢ one ounce rate, Scott 4388): V11111

See the Wildlife page for additional details

28 Polar Bear self-adhesive coil of 100 (Scott 4389): V11111 every 20 stamps

See the Wildlife page for additional details

44¢ Purple Heart (Scott 4390): P1111

See the Spotlight on Purple Heart page for additional details

44 Flag definitive, water-activated coil of 100, perf. 9.9 (Sennett; Scott 4391): S111 every 31 stamps

44 Flag definitive, self-adhesive coil of 100, die cut 11 with angled corners (Sennett; Scott 4392): S111 every 31 stamps

44¢ Flag, die cutting omitted error (Scott 4392a): S111

44 Flag definitive, self-adhesive coil of 100, die cut 9.5 (Ashton-Potter; Scott 4393): P1111

44 Flag definitive, self-adhesive coil of 100, die cut 8.5 (Avery-Dennison; Scott 4394): V1111 every 20 stamps

44 Flag definitive, self-adhesive coils of 3,000 and 10,000 on larger backing paper, rounded corners, die cut 10.9 with rounded corners (Avery-Dennison; Scott 4395): V1111 every 16 stamps

44 Flag self-adhesive booklet (Scott 4396; booklet pane of 10, Scott 4396a): V1111

44 Wedding Rings (Scott 4397): S11111

61 Wedding Cake (Scott 4398): V111111

44 Simpsons (Scott 4399 - 4403): No plate numbers. S11111 appears on the back.

Two tagging varieties have been reported: an uneven tag, and solid overall tagging.

44 Love, King and Queen of Hearts playing cards (Scott 4404 - 4405): No plate numbers. V11111 appears on the back.

44 Bob Hope (Scott 4406)

44 Celebrate (Scott 4407):  S1111

This issue has been reported with die cutting omitted error (Scott 4407a): S1111

44 Anna Julia Cooper, Black Heritage (Scott 4408):  P11111


Florida (Scott 4413); Texas (Scott 4409); and Louisiana (Scott 4410)
from 44¢ Gulf Coast Lighthouses (Scott 4413a): P1111

Kentucky (Scott 4293) from 44 Flags of our Nation III, coil of 50, ten designs: S111111111


Ozzie and Harriet (Scott 4414q); and The Honeymooners (Scott 4414t)
from 44 Early TV Memories: P1111

44 Hawai'i Statehood (Scott 4415):  V1111

44 Eid (Scott 4416): V111


Thanksgiving Day Parade Crowd (Scott 4417); and Turkey Balloon (Scott 4420)
from 44¢ Thanksgiving Parade (strip of 4, Scott 4420a): V111111 in LL and LR

44 Legends of Hollywood:  Gary Cooper (Scott 4421):  V1111

44 Supreme Court Justices (Scott 4422): No plate numbers

44 Nature of America: Pacific Kelp Forest, 10 designs (Scott 4423): No plate numbers

44 Christmas 2009: Madonna and Sleeping Child by Sassoferrato, booklet pane of 20 (Scott 4424): P11111


Reindeer (Scott 4425); and Snowman (Scott 4426)
from 44 Winter Holidays booklet of 20 (Scott 4428b): S1111

Error panes have been reported with die cutting omitted (Scott 4428d): S1111


Snowman (Scott 4430); and Nutcracker (Scott 4432)
from 44 Winter Holidays ATM pane of 18: V1111

44 Hanukkah (Scott 4433):  S111111

44 Kwanzaa (Scott 4434):  P1111

[44] Liberty Bell, Forever, booklet pane, 2009 date in copper (Scott 4127m; pane of 18, Scott 4127n): S11111

[44] Liberty Bell, Forever, ATM pane, 2009 date (Scott 4128b; pane of 18, Scott 4128c): V11111

[44] Liberty Bell, Forever, ATM pane, 2009 date: P11111

See the Spotlight on Liberty Bell Forever issues page


79 Zion National Park (Mexico airmail rate, Scott C146): P11111

98 Grand Teton National Park (International airmail rate, Scott C147): V11111, V22222


1 Official stamp, self-adhesive pane of 20 (Scott O163): No plate numbers. Copyright notice in the left margin.

Duck stamps

$15 Federal Hunting Permit stamp, self-adhesive die cut (Scott RW76): S11111

$15 Duck stamp, pane of 1 (Scott RW76A): No plate numbers


The plate number information appearing on this page has been contributed by APNSS members Jim Ragsdale, Jim Cochrane and Rick Burdsall.

A complete listing and valuation of plate numbers, positions and other marginal markings appear in the 2011 edition of the Hebert's Catalog of Plate Number Singles.

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