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2008-2009 42-Cent Commemorative issues

Including rate change stamps and other regular issues from the same 42 period.

2008 issues


Scott 4230, 42 Flag at Sunrise water-activated coil, plate number S1111111

Scott 4234, 42 Flag at Sunrise self-adhesive coil, die cut 9.4, plate number P1111

Scott 4238, 42 Flag at Sunrise self-adhesive coil, die cut 11.1, square corners, plate number S1111


Scott 4242, 42¢ Flag at Sunrise self-adhesive coil, die cut 8-1/2, plate numbers V1111 and V2222


Scott 4246, 42 Flag at Sunrise self-adhesive coil, die cut 11, rounded corners, plate numbers V1111 and V2222


Martha Gellhorn (Scott 4248); John Hersey (Scott 4249); and Eric Sevareid (Scott 4252)
from 42¢ American Journalists, vertical strip of 5, Scott 4252a), plate number P1111


Pomegranate (Scott 4253); and Guava (Scott 4257)
from 27¢ Tropical Fruit (post card rate) pane of 20 (strip of 5, Scott 4257a): P1111

Scott 4260, 27 Pomegranate coil, from Tropical Fruit coil (Scott 4262a), plate number V1111111

Scott 4263, 42 Purple Heart, water-activated, plate number P1111

For additional varieties, see the Spotlight on Purple Heart page

Scott 4264, 42 Purple Heart, self-adhesive, plate number P2222

For additional varieties, see the Spotlight on Purple Heart page

Scott 4265, 42 Frank Sinatra, plate number P1111

Scott 4266, 42 Minnesota Statehood, plate number P1111

Scott 4267, 62 Dragonfly, plate number S1111

Scott 4268, $4.80 Mount Rushmore priority mail stamp, plate number P1111

Scott 4269, $16.50 Hoover Dam express mail stamp, plate number S11111

Scott 4270, 42 Love: All Heart booklet single, plate number V1111

Scott 4272, 59 Wedding Hearts, plate number V111

Scott 4273, 42 Flags of our Nation I coil, Flag over Sea, plate number S111111111

Scott 4283, 42 Flags of our Nation II coil, District of Columbia flag, plate number S111111111



Scott 4333a, 42 Christmas card; Scott 4333d, 42 Study house; Scott 4333m, 42 Plywood sculpture; and Scott 4333p, 42 Plywood chair, from Charles and Ray Eames pane, plate number V1111111

Scott 4334, 42 Olympics, plate number S1111111

Scott 4335, 42 Celebrate, plate number S1111


"Black and Tan" (Scott 4336); "The Sport of the Gods" (Scott 4337); and "Hallelujah!" (Scott 4340)
from 42¢ Vintage Black Cinema (Scott 4340a), plate number P

Scott 4341, 42 "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," plate number V1111


Dalmations (Scott 4342); and Jungle Book (Scott 4345)
from 42¢ Disney: Imagination (block of four, Scott 4345a):  V111111

Scott 4346, 42 "Valley of the Yosemite" by Albert Bierstadt, plate number S1111

Scott 4347, 42 Sunflower, plate number P1111

Scott 4349, 42 Latin Jazz, plate number V1111

Scott 4350, 42 Bette Davis, plate number P1111

Scott 4351, 42 Eid, plate number V111


1959 Cadillac (Scott 4353); 1957 Studebaker (Scott 4354); and 1957 Chrysler (Scott 4357)
from 42¢ Tailfins and Chrome, five designs (Scott 4357a):  S1111

Scott 4358, 42 Alzheimer's Awareness, plate number V111111

Scott 4359, 42 Christmas 2008, Botticelli Madonna, plate number P11111


Drummer (Scott 4350); and Soldier (Scott 4363)
from 42¢ Holiday Nutcrackers, four designs, booklet of 20 (block of 4 Scott 4363a):  S11111

Images courtesy of Doug D'Avino

42¢ Holiday Nutcrackers vending booklet of 20 (Scott 4367b): no plate numbers


Drummer (Scott 4368); and King (Scott 4370)
from 42¢ Holiday Nutcrackers ATM pane of 18 (block of 4 Scott 4371a):  V1111

Scott 4372, 42 Hanukkah, plate number S1111

Scott 4373, 42 Kwanzaa, plate number P111111

2009 issues

Scott 4374, 42¢ Alaska Statehood, plate number S1111

42¢ Lunar New Year: Lion's head (even though it is the Year of the Ox) (Scott 4375): No plate numbers

Scott 4376, 42¢ Oregon Statehood, plate number S11111

Scott 4377, 42¢ Edgar Allan Poe, plate number V11111


Scott 4380 and 4383 from 42¢ Abraham Lincoln (Scott 4383a): P1111

42¢ Civil Rights Pioneers pane of 6, Scott 4384; No plate numbers or other marginal markings. A copyright notice appears on the back of the pane.

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