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The First Bureau Series - 1895 issues

In 1895, the same 1894 issues were reprinted, but on watermarked paper with USPS in double-line capitals.

Scott 264, 1 Franklin, blue, Plate Number 314 L.

The hint of a double line "S" watermark can be seen in the selvage.

Scott 264 var, 1 Franklin, pale blue, Plate Number 119 T

Scott 264 var, 1 blue, misperfed, Plate Number 102 R

Scott 265, 2 Washington, carmine Type I, Plate Number 114 L

Scott 266, 2 Washington, carmine Type II, Plate Number 126 B

Scott 266 var, 2 carmine Type II, imperf at bottom, Plate Number 132 B

Scott 267, 2 Washington, carmine Type III, Plate Number 187 L

Scott 267 var, 2 carmine Type III, shaded type used for plate numbers, Plate Number 183 R

Scott 267a, 2 Washington, pink Type III, Plate Number 339 T

Note the change of font for the plate numbers.  This occurred after plate number 325, but before plate number 331.

Scott 268, 3 Jackson, violet, Plate Number 95 B

Scott 269, 4 Lincoln, dark brown, Plate Number195 T

Scott 269 var, 4 dark brown, Plate Number104 B, misperfed due to paper fold

Scott 270, 5 Grant, chocolate, Plate Number 162 T

Scott 271, 6 Garfield, dull brown, Plate number 451 T

Scott 271a, 6 dull brown, watermarked USIR, Plate number 248 T

Scott 272, 8 Sherman, violet brown, Plate Number 58 B

Scott 272a, 8 violet brown, watermarked USIR, Plate Number 58 T

Scott 272b, 8 violet brown, imperforate error, bottom imprint strip of 3 with plate number 249 B

Scott 273, 10 Webster, dark green, Plate Number 305 L

Scott 273Pa, 10 dark green proof, Plate Number 305 R

Scott 274, 15 Clay, dark blue, Plate Number 264 B

Scott 275, 50 Jefferson, orange, Plate Number 75 B

Scott 276, $1 Perry, black Type I, Plate Number 76 T

Plate number strip of 3 showing Scott 276, 276A and 276, $1 black Types I and II, Plate Number 76 T

Scott 277, $2 Madison, bright blue, Plate Number 84 T

Scott 278, $5 Marshall, dark green, Plate Number 85 T


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