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The First Bureau Series - 1898 issues

In 1898, the Universal Postal Union set some international standards regarding colors to be used for various denominations of stamps.  The lower values of the 1895 stamps were reprinted in the new colors to meet the new regulations.

Scott 279, 1 Franklin, green, Plate number 1052 L

Scott 279B, 2 Washington, red Type III, Plate number 1364 R

Scott 279Bc, 2 Washington, rose carmine Type III, Plate number 780 L

Scott 279Bd, 2 Washington, orange red Type III, Plate number 1035 T

Scott 279Bf, 2 Washington, carmine Type III, Plate number 562 B

Scott 279Be, 2 carmine Type III, single from booklet pane, Plate number 990 T

Scott 280, 4 Lincoln, rose brown, plate number 532 T

The outline of the double-line watermark "S" can be seen in the selvage.

Scott 280a, 4 Lincoln, lilac brown, plate number 792 T

Scott 280b, 4 Lincoln, orange brown, Plate number 1100 T

Scott 281, 5 Grant, blue, Plate number 408 B

Scott 282, 6 Garfield, lake, Plate number 924 B

Scott 282a, 6 Garfield, purple lake, Plate number 554 T. 

The outline of the double line watermark "U" can be seen in the selvage.

Scott 282 var, 6 Garfield, claret, Plate number 923 T

Scott 282C, 10 Webster, brown Type I, Plate number 302 T

Scott 283, 10 Webster, brown Type II, Plate number 997 R

Scott 284, 15 Clay, olive green, Plate number 264 B. 

The same plate was used to print the dark blue 15 example of the 1895 series.



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