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Scott C13, Plate number single 20079R

Addendum to 2018 Hebert's Catalog: new plates reported for older issues

Plate 14789 has been reported on Scott 577, the imperforate flat plate 2¢ Washington. This number was previously only reported on Scott 554, the perforated variety.

Plates 16065 and 16068 have been reported on Scott 569a, the 30¢ Buffalo special paper variety.

The F position has been reported on Scott 498, the 1¢ Washington perf 11. This means that it must also exist on Scott 481, the imperforate variety, but no example has been reported yet. Previously, the lowest plate number having the F position was thought to be #8377.


Addendum to 2011 Hebert's Catalog: new plates reported for older issues

The Liberty series has been renumbered based on recent changes to Scott's numbering for this series. It mostly affected the wet printing / dry printing issues.

The 8¢ Pershing stamp, formerly Scott 1042A, has been renumbered to place it in the "Sixth-and-a-Half" Bureau series. Its new catalogue number is Scott 1214.

Addendum to 2007 Hebert's Catalog: new plates reported for older issues

All sheet or pane issues have plate numbers in four corners (UL, UR, LL, LR) unless otherwise specified.


A full sheet of 400 has been discovered of Scott 383, the imperforate 1 Franklin stamp, with plate number 5591. Since it is a full sheet, there are two plate numbers possible from each position (Top, Left, Right and Bottom). However, the discovery sheet is apparently unique, and the owner collects full sheets, panes and press sheets and has indicated he intends to keep the sheet intact. But there should be eight plate number singles of Scott 383 available to collectors... eventually!

Plate 7065 has been reported on Scott 444. It appears on a used paste-up pair.

Jim Ragsdale reports new plate numbers 10089, 13616 and 13931 on Scott 538. These join the recent discovery of plate number 13615.

Two plate blocks of the 10 Americana "Right to Petition" stamp (Scott 1592) have been reported with plate number 37246 and dull gum. This plate number had previously been known only with shiny gum.

Plate 12111 has been reported on the 20 Tiepolo Madonna Christmas stamp, Scott 2026. Thus far only the bottom position has been reported, and with two numbers appearing in a single plate strip of 20.

Plate number 799 was inadvertently left out of the list of plate numbers for the 20 Science and Industry stamp, Scott 2031. Thanks to Jim Boudinot for reporting this omission.

A variety of the 25 Jack London stamp in the Great Americans series has been reported on high-bright paper. A single plate block of four with plate number 2 is known (Scott 2182 var).

Plate 1111 has been reported on a folded booklet of 20 of the 25 Christmas Tree issue, Scott 2516.

APNSS member Wallace Cleland has reported new plate number 2 on the 46 Ruth Benedict stamp in the Great Americans series, Scott 2938.

APNSS member Earle Hicks has reported new plate number 643931-1 on the 1994 World War II souvenir sheet, Scott 2838. The plate number appears adjacent to Scott 2838j.

An imperforate or die-cutting omitted variety has been reported for the 5 Toleware coil, Plate S1111111, Scott 3612a.

Plate P2222 has been reported on the 4 Chippendale Chair issue, Scott 3750.

The PNC3 web site reports that plate V21113 has been found on the (10) Atlas Statue coil, Scott 3770.

The PNC3 web site also reports that the tagged error variety, Scott 3770a, has been reported with plate V21211.

The remains of a coil of 100 of the 37 Egret coil, Scott 3829, has been discovered with the black (engraved) omitted. The sole plate number example is a used single with plate number 211, apparently originally from V21111. The initial V and final 1, both printed in black, are the missing plate number characters.  The stamp is expected to be assigned Scott 3829b.

Plates P8888 and P9999 have been reported on the 2003 self-adhesive Sea Coast coil, Scott 3874a.

Plate P2 has been reported on the 39 Our Wedding booklet stamp, Scott 3998.

Plate S22222 has been reported on the 63 Bryce Canyon airmail stamp, Scott C139.



A complete listing and valuation of plate numbers, positions and other marginal markings will appear in the next edition of the Hebert's Catalog of Plate Number Singles.


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