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Savings issues

Postal Savings issues

Postal Savings stamps were issued in three batches: 1911 (Scott PS1 and PS4), 1936-40 (Scott PS6-PS10), and 1941 (Scott PS11-PS15).

Booklet panes of Scott PS11b are known with plate numbers. Plate numbers should appear on booklet panes of Scott PS11c and PS12b but none have been reported.

Scott PS1, 10 orange, plate number 5505

Scott PS2 and PS5 are assigned to pre-printed deposit cards. No plate number items are known.

Scott PS3 was originally assigned to a pre-printed deposit card featuring George Washington. The card was never issued.

Scott PS4, 10¢ deep blue, perf 12, plate number 5504

Scott PS6, 10 deep blue, perf 11, plate number 21485

Scott PS7, 10 deep ultramarine, plate number 22540

Scott PS8, 25, plate number 22543

Scott PS9, 50, plate number 22544

Scott PS10, $1, plate number 22545

Scott PS11, 10 rose red, plate number 22722

Scott PS11a, 10¢ rose carmine, plate number 22715

Scott PS11b, 10 booklet single with plate number 147086 appearing on the tab, from booklet pane of 10

Scott PS12, 25, plate number 22725

Scott PS12b, 25¢ booklet single with plate number 147087 on tab, from booklet pane of 10

Scott PS13, 50, plate number 22719

Scott PS14, $1, plate number 22720


Scott PS15, $5, plate numbers 22730, 22731, 22732, 22733, 22734, 77235, 22736, 22737 and 22740

Savings stamps

Savings stamps were issued from 1954-61.

Booklet panes of Scott S1a and S2a are known with plate numbers. Plate numbers for booklet panes of Scott S6a and S7a were printed too far from the stamp design and none are known.

Scott S1, 10, wet printing, plate number 164991

Scott S1b, 10, dry printing, plate number 167089

Scott S1b var, 10¢, unlisted imperforate error, plate number 165918

Scott S2, 25, wet printing, plate number 165007

Scott S2b, 25¢, dry printing, plate number 165919

Scott S3, 50, wet printing, plate number 165050

Scott S3a, 50, dry printing, plate number 166741

Scott S4, $1, plate number 166097

Scott S5, $5, plate number 166068

Scott S6, 25 with 48-star flag, plate number 166946

Scott S7, 25 with 50-star flag, plate number 167486

Treasury Savings stamp

The sole Treasury Savings stamp was issued in 1920.

Scott TS1, $1 Hamilton, plate number 73197

Scott TS1P1 proof, plate number 73195. Plate 73195 is known only as a proof.

War Savings stamps

War Savings stamps were issued in two batches. The first series helped to finance World War I (1917 issues, Scott WS1-WS3, and 1919-20 issues, Scott WS4-WS6). The second series was issued to help finance World War II (1942 issues, Scott WS7-WS11, plus coil issues Scott WS12 and WS13).

Scott WS1, 25, plate number 59045 (Image courtesy of Wallace Cleland)

Scott WS2, $5 Washington, perf 11, plate number 57073

Scott WS3, $5 Washington, rouletted 7, plate number 57071

Scott WS4, $5 Franklin, plate number 61913

Scott WS5, $5 Washington, plate number 67550

Scott WS6, $5 Lincoln, plate number 73130

Scott WS7, 10 rose red, plate number 150207

Scott WS7 var, paste-up error, plate number 150206 (Image courtesy of Bill Langs)

Scott WS7a, 10¢ carmine rose, plate number

Scott WS8, 25, plate number 150708

Scott WS8 var, 25¢, overinked, plate number 156517

Scott WS9, 50, plate number 149591

Scott WS10, $1, plate number 149596

Scott WS11, $5, plate number F 150131

Scott WS12, 10 coil, plate number 153286

Scott WS13, 25¢ coil, plate number 153290


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