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Examples of Plate Number Singles from other countries

In addition to collecting plate number singles of U.S. stamps, many APNSS members are interested in plate number singles and marginal markings of stamps from other countries as well.  The printing methods, plate numbering schemes and other marginal markings used by other countries' governments and their security printers are quite similar.

Argentina Scott 127 var, 5 centavos, imperforate at top, with counting number (not plate number)

Ascension Scott 14, 3d, plate number 1

Australia SG O123, 3d Official, plate number 3

Austria Scott B110, 50 groschen semi-postal, plate number 1

Bahamas SG 90, 1 penny, plate number 2 (red) and 2 (black)

Barbados Scott M1, 1 penny War Tax, plate number 1

Bavaria Mi 150B, 2 marks, plate number 8 (Image courtesy of German Postal

Belgium Scott 100, 1 franc, plate number 03077

Bermuda SG 64, 1 shilling, plate number 1

British Guiana (now Guyana) SG 178, 4 cents revenue overprint, plate number 2

Canada Scott 89, 1¢ King George V, plate number 37

Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) SG 397a, 5 rupees King George VI, plate number 1

Colombia Scott 558, with counting number (not plate number)

Cuba Scott 269, plate number S 284

Cyprus SG 102, 1 pound King George V, plate number 1

Denmark Scott C2, 15 ore airmail, plate number 293

Dominica, 1-1/2 penny War Tax stamp, plate number 1

East Africa and Uganda Protectorate, 1 cent King George V, plate number 1

Ecuador Scott C118, 10 sucres airmail, printed by American Bank Note Company, plate number F11547

Egypt Scott 500, 1 pound, plate number A/53 corrected to A/54 in both types of letters and numerals

Falkland Islands, 1/2 penny Sheep, plate number 1

Fiji SG 256ba, 2-1/2 penny Map, plate number 1

Finland Scott 134, 1 markka Coat of Arms, plate number 169

France Yvert Airmail #29, 1,000 francs Nôtre Dame and Paris bridges with bottom marginal markings and date

Germany Scott C39, 4 reichsmarks Zeppelin, plate number 3

German Democratic Republic (East Germany) Scott 279, 20 pfennigs Mozart, plate number 2

Gibraltar SG 104, 2 shillings 6 pence, green plate number 1, also black (counting? plate?) number 001

1913 Grenada, 10 shillings, plate number 1

1968 Guyana, 4 cents, inverted overprint variety, on piece, plate number 4

Hong Kong Scott 212, $1 Queen Elizabeth II, plate number 2B

Jamaica, 2 shillings Queen Victoria, plate number 2

Leeward Islands Scott 47, 1/2 penny King George V, plate number 5

Malaysia-Sabah Scott 45, $5, plate number 1

Malta SG 73, 1 penny, plate number 1

Montserrat SG 26a, 2 pence, plate number 1

Netherlands, 1972 Europa issue, plate number 2

Nevis Scott 155, $5 Birth of Prince William (overprint on Princess Diana stamp), plate number 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A

New Zealand, 2 shilling issue from 1935, plate number 1

Nigeria Scott 54, 1 penny King George VI, plate number 3

Nova Scotia Scott 12, 10¢ Queen Victoria pair with top imprint

These stamps were printed for the then-separate dominion of Nova Scotia by the American Bank Note Company, the same security printer that was vying with National and Continental for the contract to print U.S. stamps.

Palau C5, 44¢, plate number 1 1 1 1 13

Philippines Scott 291, 4¢ used, plate number 44876

Pitcairn Islands, 1 shilling, 1949 UPU issue, plate number 1

Ryukyu Islands Scott R23, 50¢ revenue with bottom imprint

St. Helena SG 97, 1/2 penny, plate number 1

St. Kitts - Nevis Scott R3, 1 penny Queen Victoria revenue, plate number 40

St. Lucia SG 99, 2-1/2 penny King George V, plate number 11

Sierra Leone Scott 56, 2-1/2 d. overprint on 1 sh., plate number 1



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