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One of the significant benefits of APNSS membership is the mail auction. Each issue of Plate Numbers generally includes a mail auction of about 160 lots of plate number singles, as well as plate blocks and other marginal markings.

If you are interested in selling plate number single material in the APNSS auction, contact the Auction Director for details and suggestions.

Bidding Terms

APNSS members may submit bids in the auction. Minimum bids, bid increments, abbreviations and other details are listed along with the lots in each issue of Plate Numbers.

Lots are described using the Scott Catalog numbering system. Unless otherwise indicated, prices are from the latest 2018 edition of the Hebert's Standard Reference Guide of Plate Number Singles, informally known as the "Hebert's Catalogue."

Bid sheets should be mailed to the Auction Director. Mail early, as tie bids go to the earliest postmark.

Bid sheets can also be emailed to the Auction Director. Email early, as tie bids go to the earliest email receipt date. In the event of same-day tie bids between a mail bidder and an email bidder, the mail bidder wins the tie. After all, we are all stamp collectors!

Successful Bidders

Lots are sold to the highest bidder, at a price one bidding increment above the second highest bid. Tie bids are awarded to the first bid received.

Successful bidders will be notified of the lots they have won and total amount due. Payments should be sent to the APNSS Treasurer, unless otherwise directed in the auction description or on your invoice. Please make checks payable to APNSS.


Settlement for sold lots is made shortly after successful bidders have paid. Sellers are provided a statement with sale price, less 10% commission to APNSS, and listing any fees. Settlement checks are mailed to sellers by the APNSS Treasurer.

Prices Realized

Prices realized are published in the following issue of Plate Numbers.

Unsold Lots

Sellers may be charged 10¢ per unsold lot as a re-listing fee. Sellers may wish to reconsider minimum bids or take other actions to attract bidders' interest in your material. Lots unsold after three auctions are generally returned to the seller.

Net Price Sale

In addition to the auction, APNSS also offers a Net Price Sale. Lower-priced mint and used plate number items that would not normally appear in an auction are offered for very low prices. You can download the latest Net Price List on our News page.


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This page last updated March 24, 2020.