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Scott C13, Plate number single 20079R


All sheet or pane issues have plate numbers in four corners (UL, UR, LL, LR) unless otherwise specified.

Denominations in parentheses are Forever stamps, if first class rate, or nominal rate, if service-inscribed.

Coil stamps have plate numbers at the bottom of single stamps and appear at the interval specified.

Plate numbers and copyright markings for self-adhesive booklet stamps appear on a peelable strip within the pane.

As it does every year, USPS has moved the tiny date. For 2012, it appears vertically in the lower right corner.


New plate number P22222 reported in January 2012 for the 20˘ Washington coil stamp first issued in 2011 (Scott 4512)

USPS announced a “reissue” of the 2011 Go Green “forever” stamps (Scott 4524) in association with Earth Day, April 22, 2012. However, this was nothing more than a marketing push for stamps from the original 2011 print run of 160 million stamps. It was not a new printing or variety.

(45¢) Flags of Our Nation VI, coils of 10 designs, Scott 4323-4332: S11111111 appearing on the Texas stamp, Scott 4323

Scott 4588, (25˘) Spectrum Eagle presort coil, from strip of 6 (Scott 4590a): V11111 every 30th stamp, appearing on the stamp with red-violet USA

A reprint with plate number V11112 was first reported in August 2014.

(44˘) New Mexico Statehood (Scott 4591): V1111


Surfers and palm trees (Scott 4592); Surfers (Scott 4593); and Fish and Starfish (Scott 4596)
from 32˘ Aloha Shirts pane (Scott 4596a):  V1111111

Scott 4599, from 32˘ Aloha Shirts coil (Scott 4597-4601; strip of 5, Scott 4601a): S1111111 every 25th stamp

Scott 4599 var, die cutting omitted error (from Scott 4601b).

65˘ Wedding Cake (Scott 4602): S111111

65˘ Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly (Scott 4603):  V1111


Seeing Eye Dog (Scott 4604); and Military Dog (Scott 4606)
from 65˘ Dogs at Work (
Scott 4607a):  V1111


Northern Goshawk (Scott 4608); Peregrine Falcon (Scott 4609); Northern Harrier (Scott 4612)
from 85˘ Birds of Prey (
Scott 4612a):  P1111

Eagle (Scott 4615) from 45˘ Weather Vanes coil (Scott 4617a): S1111111 every 25th stamp


Sierra Juniper (Scott 4618); and Black Pine (Scott 4619)
from (45˘) Bonsai booklet of 20 (
Scott 4622a):  P11111

(45˘) Lunar New Year - Dragon (Scott 4623):  no plate numbers

(45˘) John H. Johnson (Scott 4624):  P11111

(45˘) Heart Health (Scott 4625):  V111111

(45˘) Love Ribbons (Scott 4626):  S11

(45¢) Die cutting omitted error (Scott 4626a): S11 (Image courtesy of The Philatelic Foundation)

(45˘) Arizona Statehood (Scott 4627):  V11111

(45˘) Danny Thomas (Scott 4628):  S11111

Freedom Forever (Scott 4631) from (45˘) Four Flags coil of 100, die cut 8-1/2 vert, Avery-Dennison printing (Scott 4632a):  V1111 on Scott 4631


Freedom Forever (Scott 4635) from (45˘) Four Flags coil of 100, die cut 9-1/2 vert, tagged on non-prephosphored paper, Ashton Potter USA printing (Scott 4636b):  P1111 on Scott 4635

Freedom Forever (Scott 4635a) from (45¢) Four Flags coil of 100, die cut 9-1/2 vert, prephosphored paper, Ashton Potter USA printing (Scott 4636c):  P2222 on Scott 4635a

Plate P1111 was printed on non-prephosphored paper which was then tagged. Plate P2222 was printed on prephosphored paper.


Freedom Forever (Scott 4639) from (45˘) Four Flags coil of 100, die cut 11 vert, Sennett printing (Scott 4640a):  S11111, S22222

Scott 4639 var, die cutting omitted error, from Scott 4640b, plate number S22222


Freedom Forever (Scott 4641); and Liberty Forevery (Scott 4642)
from (45˘) Four Flags booklet with colored stars, Ashton Potter USA printing (
Scott 4644a):  P1111 , P2222

Plate P1111 was printed on non-prephosphored paper which was then tagged. Plate P2222 was printed on prephosphored paper.


Freedom Forever (Scott 4645); and Liberty Forever (Scott 4646)
from (45˘) Four Flags booklet with dark stars, Sennett printing (
Scott 4648b):  S11111, S22222

Plate S11111 and S22222 were printed on paper stock from different suppliers, however no collectible difference has been reported to distinguish the two types.

$5.15 Sunshine Skyway Bridge, priority mail (Scott 4649):  S11111

$18.95 Carmel Mission, express mail (panes of 10 in new format, 2 wide x 5 high, Scott 4650):  P1111 in UL and LR only


Washington Monument (Scott 4651); and Jefferson Memorial (Scott 4652)
from (45˘) Cherry Blossom Festival (
Scott 4652a):  P11111

(45˘) William H. Johnson (Scott 4653):  V111111

Elizabeth Bishop (Scott 4659) from (45˘) 20th Century Poets (Scott 4663a): P111111 in LL only

(45˘) Civil War (1862) (Battle of New Orleans, Scott 4664; Antietam, Scott 4665; pair 4665a): no plate numbers

(45˘) José Ferrer (Scott 4666):  P1111111 in LL and LR only

See the Distinguished Americans page for additional details

(45˘) Louisiana Statehood (Scott 4667): V11111


Scott 4668 John Ford and 4671 John Huston
from (45˘) Great Film Directors (
Scott 4671a): V11111

1˘ Bobcat coil with 2012 date at LR (Scott 4672):  P1111 every 27 stamps

See the Wildlife page for additional details

A reprint with plate number P2222 (also Scott 4672) was reported in August 2014.

See the Wildlife page for additional details

An additional reprint with 2015 date at UR was issued in January 2015 (Scott 4672a).

See the Wildlife page for additional details

Freedom Forever (Scott 4673); and Liberty Forever (Scott 4674)
from (45˘) Four Flags bklt of 10, die cut 11-1/4 x 10-3/4 (
Scott 4676b):  V1111 centered over top pair


A Bug's Life (Scott 4677); and Monsters, Inc. (Scott 4681)
from (45˘) Pixar Films (
Scott 4681a): V1111 in UL and LR only

Surfers (red, Scott 4682); and Surfers (black & multi, Scott 4683)
from 32˘ Aloha Shirts, booklet, die cut 11-1/4 x 10-3/4 (Scott
4686a):  P11111 centered over top pair


Scott 4687 and 4690, from (45˘) Bicycling (Scott 4690a):  P11111

(45˘) Scouting / Girl Scouts (Scott 4691):  S111111

Error panes exist with die cutting omitted (Scott 4691a).


Miles Davis (Scott 4692); and Edith Piaf (Scott 4693)
from (45˘) Musicians (
Scott 4693a): V111111 in UR and LL only


(45¢) Ted Williams (Scott 4694); and PNS from imperforate press sheet (Scott 4694a):  V11111


(45˘) Larry Doby (Scott 4695); and PNS from imperforate press sheet (Scott 4695a):  V11111


(45˘) Willie Stargell (Scott 4696); and PNS from imperforate press sheet (Scott 4696a):  V11111


(45˘) Joe DiMaggio (Scott 4697); and PNS from imperforate press sheet (Scott 4697a):  V11111

(45˘) Major League Baseball All-Stars (Joe DiMaggio UR & LR; Larry Doby; Willie Stargell; Ted Williams UL & LL; block or strip of 4, Scott 4597b; imperforate, Scott 4597c):  V11111

Single stamps from panes of 20 of the same stamp are indistinguishable from panes of all four stamps se-tenant. This is also true of the plate number singles. Each design has a single Scott catalogue number.


Isadora Duncan (Scott 4698); and Bob Fosse (Scott 4701)
from (45˘) Innovative Choreographers (
Scott 4701a): S111111

(45˘) Edgar Rice Burroughs (Scott 4702): S11111

(45¢) War of 1812: USS Constitution (Scott 4703) and imperforate (Scott 4703a): no plate numbers


(45¢) Purple Heart (Scott 4704); and PNS from imperforate press sheet (Scott 4704a): V111111

See the Spotlight page for additional information on the Purple Heart issues.

(45¢) O. Henry (Scott 4705): V11111


Freedom Forever (Scott 4706); and Equality Forever (Scott 4708)
from (45¢) Four Flags ATM pane (Scott 4709b): P1111


Scott 4710a, 4710e, 4710k, 4710o, (45˘) Earthscapes (15 designs, from Scott 4710): S11111


Scott 4710a var, 4710e var, 4710k var, 4710o var, imperforate (from Scott 4710p): S11111

(45˘) Christmas 2012, Holy Family booklet of 20 (Scott 4711): S11111

(45¢) Christmas 2012, Holy Family booklet of 20, imperforate press sheet (Scott 4711b): S11111


Scott 4713 and 4715, from (45˘) Christmas 2012, Santa and Sleigh booklet (Scott 4715b): P1111


Scott 4713 var and 4715 var, from (45¢) imperforate Santa and Sleigh booklet (Scott 4715d): P1111

(45˘) Lady Bird Johnson (Scott 4716) and imperforate (Scott 4716g): No plate numbers


$1.00 Waves of Color (Scott 4717): P111111 in UL & LR, 1 in UR & LL


$2.00 Waves of Color (Scott 4718): P111111 in UL & LR, 1 in UR & LL


$5.00 Waves of Color (Scott 4719): S1111111 in UL & LR, 1 in UR & LL


$10.00 Waves of Color (Scott 4720): S1111111 in UL & LR, 1 in UR & LL

See the Modern High Values page for additional details

Airmail stamps

85˘ Glacier National Park airmail (C149):  P11111

$1.05 Lancaster County airmail (C150):  S11111

$1.05 Lancaster County airmail, die cutting omitted error (Scott C150a): S11111


Duck stamps

$15 Federal Hunting Permit stamp, water-activated (Scott RW79):  P1111

$15 Duck stamp, pane of 1 (Scott RW79A): No plate numbers


No new Official stamps were issued in 2012. Government agencies will use up existing stock, then continue the conversion to meters and other postage payment methods.

There was no Legends of Hollywood issue for 2012

The Athletes In Motion issue was withdrawn, apparently over a disagreement about payment for the use of Olympic symbols. The planned designs may be reused for a future issue.


The plate number information appearing on this page has been contributed by APNSS members Jim Ragsdale, Jim Cochrane and Rick Burdsall.

A complete listing and valuation of plate numbers, positions and other marginal markings will appear in the next edition of the Hebert's Catalog of Plate Number Singles.

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