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Scott C13, plate number 20079


All sheet or pane issues have plate numbers in four corners (UL, UR, LL, LR) unless otherwise specified.

83 Edna Ferber, redesigned, (Scott 3434 var) appears on the 2003 page.

37 Flag, self-adhesive coil, 2005 date (Scott 3633B):  P1111

All of the 37 Flag issues and varieties are described on a special Spotlight page.

3 Silver Teapot water-activated coil (Scott 3759):  S1111, plate number every 14 stamps

(25) Eagle self-adhesive coil with 2005 date, 10 designs (Scott 3792a-3801b, strip of 10 Scott 3801c):  S1111111, with plate number every 20 stamps (on every other green stamp with gold eagle, Scott 3796a)

37 Happy New Year (12 designs with 2005 year date, double-sided, Scott 3895):  No plate numbers. The copyright notice appears below the bottom left stamp on the front (Year of the Rooster, Scott 3895j), and below the bottom right stamp on the back (Year of the Boar, Scott 3895l). An error pane with die-cutting omitted on one side has been discovered and is expected to be assigned Scott 3895m.

37 Egret self-adhesive convertible booklet of 10, 2004 date, die cut 11.3 (Scott 3830D) appears as a continuation of Scott 3830 on the New Issues - 2004 page.

37 Marian Anderson (Scott 3896):  S1111

A cross gutter block showing all four plate numbers, from a press sheet of the Ronald Reagan issue (Scott 3897)

37 Ronald Reagan (Scott 3897):  S1111

A constant variety of the Reagan stamp occurs on position 18 (the center stamp in the bottom row) of all panes of 20:  the Pane Position diagram is printed too high. As a result, part of the Pane Position diagram is printed on the bottom perforations of the position 18 stamp. Of the total production of 170 million Reagan stamps, five percent or 8.5 million stamps are position 18. Of these, 1/6 have the left color block filled in (the UL pane position), 1/6 have the right color block filled in (the UR pane position, and 2/3 have neither color block filled in (Center Left, Center Right, LL and LR positions). Scott has not assigned a minor catalog number to this variety. No plate number appears on the position 18 stamp, but is mentioned here because it may be of interest to collectors of other marginal markings.

37 Bouquet Love self-adhesive booklet (Scott 3898a):  V1111, V1112

37 Northeast Deciduous Forest, pane of 10 (Scott 3899, 3899a-j):  No plate numbers

37 Spring Flowers, double-sided booklet of 20 (Scott 3900-3903, block of 4 Scott 3903a, booklet Scott 3903b):  P11111

37 Robert Penn Warren (Scott 3904):  S11111

37 Yip Harburg (Scott 3905):  S1111

37 American Scientists (Scott 3906-3909, block or strip of 4 3909a):  S11111

37 American Architecture, 12 designs (Scott 3910, individual stamps 3910a - l; dark orange omitted error Scott number to come):  No plate numbers

37 Henry Fonda (Scott 3911):  P11111

37 Art of Walt Disney - Celebrations, 4 designs (Pluto, Scott 3912; Alice, Scott 3913; Ariel, Scott 3914; Dopey, Scott 3915; block or vertical strip of 4, Scott 3915a):  S111111

37 American Advances in Aviation, 10 designs (Scott 3916-3925, block of 10 Scott 3925a):  P1111111, P2222222, in LL (Scott 3925) and LR (Scott 3917) positions only

37 Rio Grande Blankets, 4 designs (Orange stripes, Scott 3926; Orange and black, Scott 3927; Blue with diamonds, Scott 3928; Concentric, Scott 3929; block of 4 Scott 3929a):  P1111

37 Presidential Libraries (Scott 3930):  S111

37 Sporty Cars of the 1950s, double-sided booklet of 20, 5 designs (Scott 3931, Studebaker Starliner is adjacent to the plate number; Scott 3932, Kaiser Darren; Scott 3933, Corvette; Scott 3934, Nash Healey; Scott 3935, Thunderbird; vertical strip of 5 Scott 3935a):  P1111

37 Arthur Ashe (Scott 3936):  P11111

37 To Form a More Perfect Union - Civil Rights, 10 designs (Scott 3937; individual stamps Scott 3937a-j):  No plate numbers

37 Children's Health (Scott 3938):  V1111

37 Let's Dance, 4 designs (Merengue, Scott 3939; Salsa, Scott 3940; Cha Cha Cha, Scott 3941; Mambo, Scott 3942; vertical strip of 4 Scott 3942a):  S11111111 in LL and LR positions with Scott 3942 only

37 Greta Garbo (Scott 3943):  S1

37 Jim Henson and Muppets, pane of 11 (Scott 3944, individual stamps Scott 3944a-k):  No plate numbers

37 Constellations, 4 designs (Leo, Scott 3945; Orion, Scott 3946; Lyra, Scott 3947; Pegasus, Scott 3948; block of 4, Scott 3948a):  P111111

Santa (Scott 3949) and Angels (Scott 3952)
from 37 Christmas Cookies pane of 20, 4 designs measuring 19 mm x 26 mm, all stamps with die cuts all around (Santa, Scott 3949; Snowmen, Scott 3950; Angel, Scott 3951; Elves, Scott 3952; block or strip of 4, Scott 3952a):  S1111

Angel (Scott 3955) and Elves (Scott 3956)
from 37 Christmas Cookies, double-sided booklet of 20, 4 designs measuring 19.5 mm x 27 mm, all stamps with one or two straight edges (Santa, Scott 3953; Snowmen, Scott 3954; Angel, Scott 3955; Elves, Scott 3956; block of 4, Scott 3956a):  S1111

37 Christmas Cookies, vending booklet of 20, 4 designs, smaller format (Santa, Scott 3957; Snowmen, Scott 3958; Angel, Scott 3959; Elves, Scott 3960; block of 4, Scott 3960a; booklet pane of 4, Scott 3960b):  S1111

37 Distinguished Marines, 4 designs (Lejeune, Scott 3961; Puller, Scott 3962; Basilone, Scott 3963; Daly, Scott 3964; block of 4 Scott 3964a):  P111111

A number of rate-change stamps were issued in late December 2005 in anticipation of the January 2006 rate increase to 39.  These appear on the 2006 page.

60 Acadia National Park, 2005 date (Scott C138b):  S1111

Scott C138b var:  One pane of 20 has been reported with the image printed on the back, also having plate number S1111.  Since this issue was printed in sheets of six panes, this implies there should be five more waiting to be discovered.

$15 Hooded Mergansers (duck stamp), water-activated hunting permit sheet stamp, Type I (no frame lines,  Scott RW72):  S11111

$15 Hooded Mergansers (duck stamp), water-activated hunting permit sheet stamp, Type II (frame lines at top, bottom and right, Scott RW72c):  S11111

Since RW72 is from the left two panes and RW72c is from the right two panes, both types are equally common.

$15 Duck stamp, self-adhesive booklet single (Scott RW72A):  No plate numbers

$15 Duck stamp, water-activated pane of 1 autographed by the artist (Scott RW72b):  No plate numbers.  Only 1,000 of these were issued.


The plate number information appearing on this page has been contributed by APNSS members Jim Ragsdale, Jim Cochrane and Rick Burdsall.

A complete listing and valuation of plate numbers, positions and other marginal markings will appear in the next edition of the Hebert's Catalog of Plate Number Singles.

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