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Scott C13, Plate number single 20079R


All sheet or pane issues have plate numbers in four corner positions (UL, UR, LL, LR) unless otherwise specified.

83 Edna Ferber, redesigned (Scott 3434):  P11-1, P22-1

83 Edna Ferber, redesigned, die cut 11.4 x 11.25 in most positions, 11.4 x 11.4 for stamps in the top row of the pane (Scott 3434 var, 2005):  P33-3

(10) Lion coil with 2003 year date, Scott 3447a, was actually issued in 2004.

37 Flag, water-activated sheet, 2003 date (Scott 3629F):  P1111, P1112 in UR position only

37 Flag self-adhesive coil of 100 with large 2003 date, die cut 10.2 vertically, prephosphored paper, solid tagging (Scott 3632A):  S1111, S2222, S3333, S4444.  Plate number S2222 has been reported on the die-cutting-omitted error stamp, likely to be assigned Scott number 3632Ab.

37 Flag self-adhesive coil of 100 with large 2003 date die cut 10.2 vertically, prephosphored paper, mottled tagging (Scott 3632Ae):  S1111, S3333, S4444

37 Flag self-adhesive coil of 100 with small 2003 date, die cut 8-1/2 vertically (Scott 3633A):  B1111

37 Flag booklet, 2003 date (Scott 3634):  V1111

37 Flag double-sided vending booklet, 2003 date (Scott 3634b) has been reported but the plate number is not known.

37 Flag double-sided pane of 20 (Scott 3636c):  S5555, S6666

37 Flag ATM panel (Scott 3637):  V1111

All of the 37 Flag issues and varieties are described on a special Spotlight page.

37 Antique Toys double-sided pane of 20, 2003 date (Scott 3642a/43a/44a/45f, block of 4 3645h):  V1111, V1112, V2222

$3.85 Jefferson Memorial, 2003 date (Scott 3647A):  S11111

37 Thurgood Marshall (Scott 3746):  P111

37 Year of the Ram with 2003 year date (Scott 3747):  B1111

10 American Clock (Scott 3751):  P1111, P2222, P3333, P4444

37 Zora Neale Hurston (Scott 3748):  S11111

1 Tiffany Lamp coil (Scott 3757):  S11111

$1 Wisdom (Scott 3766):  P11111, P22222, P33333, P55555

(10) Lion Statue coil, 2003 date, untagged (Scott 3769):  S11111, S22222, S33333, S44444, S55555, S77777

(10) Lion Statue coil, 2003 date, light mottled tagging (Scott 3769 var):  reported with plate number S77777

(10) Atlas statue, coil of 10,000 with 2003 date, die cut 11 (Scott 3770):  V11111, V11222, V12111, V12222, V21111, V21211, V22222.  Coil of 3,000 with 2003 date, but actually issued in 2004 (also Scott 3770):  V12222, V13222, V22111, V22112, V22211, V23113, V32332, V33332, V33333

Sightings of plate number V12111 are reportedly quite rare, with only 9 used copies and 2 on cover copies known, according to a census in the July 2005 newsletter of the Plate Number Coil Collectors Club (PNC3).

80 Special Olympics (Scott 3771):  V111111

37 American Filmmaking  (Scott 3772a-j):  No plate numbers

37 Ohio Statehood (Scott 3773):  B1111

37 Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge (Scott 3774):  B1111

(5) Sea Coast water-activated coil of 500 (Scott 3775):  B111 every 20 stamps

37 Old Glory prestige booklet (Scott 3776-80):  No plate numbers

37 Cesar Chavez (Scott 3781):  B1111

37 Louisiana Purchase (Scott 3782):  S111111

37 First Powered Flight (Scott 3783):  No plate numbers


37 Purple Heart (Scott 3784):  B1111

37 Purple Heart (Scott 3784A):  P1111, P2222, P3333, P4444, P5555, P6666, P7777

An imperforate pane (no die cutting) has been reported with plate number P4444.  It is expected to be listed as Scott 3784Ab.

A pane of 20 has been reported printed on the back, but it is not known what plate number appears on it (Scott 3784A var).

Scott 3785, (5) Sea Coast "coil"

(5) Sea Coast self-adhesive sheet-like stamp issued as a coil stamp on coil backing strips, 2003 date, die cut 9.45 x 10 / 9-1/2 x 10, from coils of 10,000 (Scott 3785):  P1111, P2222 every 22 stamps

(5) Sea Coast self-adhesive sheet-like stamp issued as a coil stamp on coil backing strips, 2003 date (but actually issued in 2004), die cut 9.35 x 10.1 / 9-1/4 x 10, from coils of 3,000 (Scott 3785a):  P2222 every 27 stamps

(5) Sea Coast self-adhesive sheet-like coil stamp, prephosphored paper, die cut 9.35 x 10 / 9-1/4 x 10 (Scott 3785b):  P2222 every 27 stamps

37 Audrey Hepburn (Scott 3786):  S111111

37 Southeastern Lighthouses (Scott 3787-91, strip of 5 3791a):  S111111, in LL and LR positions only

(25) American Eagle coil (Scott 3792-3801, strip of 11 #3801a):  S1111111, S2222222, S3333333.  The plate number appears only on the green stamp with gold eagle (Scott 3796).

37 Arctic Tundra (Scott 3802a-j):  No plate numbers

37 Korean War Veterans Memorial (Scott 3803):  B1111

Scott 3807a, 37 Mary Cassatt block of 4

37 Mary Cassatt (Scott 3804-07):  S11111


Scott 3808, Bronko Nagurski and Scott 3811, Red Grange, from 37 Early Football Heroes block of 4

37 Early Football Heroes (Scott 3808-11, block of 4 #3811a):  V1111111

37 Roy Acuff (Scott 3812):  V1111

37 District of Columbia (Scott 3813):  S11111111 (bottom left position only, based on margin inscriptions, or bottom right position when single corner stamp viewed as diamond)

37 Reptiles and Amphibians (Scott 3814-18):  V1111, in LL and LR positions only

23 Washington self-adhesive sheet, 2003 date (Scott 3819):

37 Gossaert Madonna and Child, 2003 date, double-sided pane of 20 (Scott 3820):  P1111, P2222, P3333, P4444.  An error booklet pane of 8 with die cutting omitted has been reported with plate number P3333 and has been assigned Scott 3820b.

37 Holiday Music Makers, sheet or booklet, die cut 11-3/4x11 (Scott 3821-24, block of 4 3824a, booklet pane Scott 3824b):  S1111

37 Holiday Music Makers self-adhesive, booklet, die cut 10-1/2 x 10-3/4 (Scott 3825-28, block of 4 3828a):  S1111, S2222

37 Snowy Egret self-adhesive coil, 2003 date (Scott 3829):  V1111, V2111, V2131, V3211, V3212, V3221, V3222.  Reports of V2222 are unconfirmed.

37 Snowy Egret self-adhesive coil, 2003 date, reported in July 2005, "lightning blue" color for the egret (Scott 3829 var):  V2121

37 Snowy Egret self-adhesive coil, 2003 date, black omitted error, reported in 2009, (Scott 3829a):  V2111 (but the V and final 1, which are engraved black, are omitted, leaving 211).  As of Feb. 2009, only 32 copies are known, all from the same roll of 100:  a mint strip of 23; seven unused copies on new backing; one used example on cover; and the sole plate number single, used, on cover.

37+8 Domestic Violence (Scott B3):  V1111

60 Acadia National Park, die cut 11.4 x 11.9 (Scott C138a):  S1111

$15 Snow Geese hunting permit stamp (Scott RW70):  P111111

Scott RW70

$15 Snow Geese, self-adhesive (Scott RW70A):  No plate numbers


For coil stamps, see the PNC3 web site for latest reports.

The plate number information appearing on this page has been contributed by APNSS members Jim Cochrane, Jim Ragsdale, and Rick Burdsall.

A complete listing and valuation of plate numbers, positions and other marginal markings will appear in the next edition of the Hebert's Catalog of Plate Number Singles.



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