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APNSS Net Price Sale

APNSS provides a Net Price Sale of mint and used plate number items. Hundreds of plate number singles, plate blocks, ZIP blocks and other items of interest to plate number collectors. Not only is this an easy way to fill in holes in your collection, but many items have been donated to APNSS, so sales through the Net Price Sale are an important revenue source for APNSS.

Why a Net Price Sale? Well, many items are priced at face or very close to it, and it's not cost-effective to list them in the auction. This is all being done as a service, without commissions, to help our members find what they need for their collections.

You can print or download the latest Net Price Sale listing. Find what you want. Write the price for items you want in the Price column. Add them up. If the total is under $5.00, add 55¢ for mailing. Postage to U.S. addresses is FREE on orders over $5.00. So if you're close to $5.00, buy a few more and avoid the 55¢ mailing charge!

It's real easy to send in your order.

-- You can send in just the pages where you have indicated purchases.

-- You can scan the pages where you have indicated purchases, and email the scans.

--You can send an email where you list your purchases in the text of the email.

To buy by mail:

Mail your printed pages and check (payable to APNSS) to

APNSS - Rick Burdsall
P.O. Box 1023
Palatine, IL 60078-1023

Save time and postage! I only need pages where you have indicated a purchase.


To buy by email:

Scan your pages and attach them to an email to .

Mail your check (payable to APNSS) to

APNSS - Rick Burdsall
P.O. Box 1023
Palatine, IL 60078-1023

I only need scans of pages where you have indicated a purchase.


To view a PDF of the latest APNSS Net Price Sale listing, click below. Your PC should step you through opening and displaying the listing.

Net Price List 2020-03

To download a PDF of the latest APNSS Net Price Sale listing, right-click here. Also, you may also have a Save option, be able to right-click on the open file, to download a copy. It can also be provided as a JPEG file, if you prefer.

To request an Excel version of the latest APNSS Net Price Sale listing, email me at . You may find it easier to enter the prices into the spreadsheet for the items you want to buy, and use Excel's auto-sum feature to add them up for you.

The link didn't work? Problems with your printer? Want to order from the Net Price Sale listing but you're out of ink? If you need a printed copy mailed to you, send me an email at .


Your questions answered:

Who can participate? Any APNSS member in good standing can buy from the Net Price Sale listing.

What happens after I send in my order? The Net Price Sale administrator fills your order, removes those items from the listing, deposits your check and sends you your stamps.

What if someone else already bought an item I want? Sometimes, more than one copy of an item is available, so no problem. But if not, we'll send your order along with a refund check for items we could no longer supply.

Can I get see a scan of a stamp? Sure. Just email me and we'll send a scan back.

I've got lots of similar items - can I sell them through the Net Price Sale? Sure! Email me for details.

Comments? Suggestions? Email the Webmaster: 

  This page last updated March 24, 2020.

Opinions expressed by authors are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the APNSS, its officers or members.