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U.S. Virgin Islands Revenues

These images replaced the issue of 1919, which was denominated in bits and francs. Those designs, in turn, had been based on the 1907 Danish West Indies series, with the Great Seal of the U.S. replacing the Danish crown.

Perforated 11 series (1935)

Scott R32, 2¢, red and green, green plate number 47245

Image courtesy of Eric Jackson

Scott R32a, 2¢ red & light yellow green, thin paper, lt. yellow green plate number 47245

Scott R32b, 2, red plate number 39841 and hand-entered yellow green plate number 38192

Scott R33, 2¢ magenta & apple green, apple green plate number 54811

Scott R34, 10, green plate number 43050

Scott R35, 20, red plate number 39851 and hand-entered gray plate number 38192

Scott R36, 20 red and green, green plate number 54811

Scott R36a, 20¢ red and yellow green

Scott R37, 40 gray, plate number 48396

Scott R38, 60, red plate number 49127 and milky blue plate number 39840

Scott R38a, 60 red and light blue, light blue plate number 52054

Scott R39, 60¢ red and deep blue

Scott R40, $1, blue plate number 50645

Scott R41, $1.40, red plate number 48415 and yellow plate number 43047

Scott R42, $2, yellow plate number 39880

Scott R43, $10 reddish brown and pink, pink plate number 47245

Scott R44, $20 black and pink, pink plate number 47245

Scott R45, $100 red and green


Perforated 12-1/2 series (1965)

Scott R48, 2 red and yellow green, yellow green plate number 54811

Scott R48a, 2 red and green, green plate number 54811

Scott R49, 10, green plate number 54816

Scott R49a, 10¢ milky green

Scott R50, 20¢ red and yellow green

Scott R50a, 20 red and green, red plate number 54817

Scott R51, 40, gray plate number 54818

Scott R52, 60 red and light blue, red plate number 55360

Scott R53, $1, blue plate number 55357

Scott R53a, $1 milky blue

Scott R54, $2, yellow plate number 55358

Scott R55, $10 reddish brown and pink, reddish brown plate number 54820

Scott R56, $20 black and pink, black plate number 54821

Scott R57, $100 red and green

Scott R58, $1000 green and yellow


Most of the above plate number single images are photographically cropped from plate blocks of 6 or 8. Images courtesy of the late Steve Wittig, unless otherwise noted.

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