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1901 Pan American issues

Scott 294, 1, frame (green) plate number 1123

Scott 294 var, 1 "fast ship" (centered to left), vignette (black) plate number 1156

Scott 294 var, 1 "floating ship" (centered to top), frame plate number 1139

Scott 294 var, 1 "sinking ship" (centered to bottom), frame plate number 1181

Scott 294 var, 1 "floating ship" (centered to top), and pre-printing paper fold, vignette plate number 1226

Scott 295, 2, frame (red) plate number 1078

Scott 295, 2, vignette (black) plate number 1118

Scott 295 var, 2 "fast train" (centered to left), frame (red) plate number 1129

Scott 295 var, 2 "heavy train" (centered to bottom), frame plate number 1092

Scott 295 var, 2 "light train" (centered to top), frame plate number 1126

Scott 295 var, 2 showing pre-printing paper fold and tear resulting during the printing process, frame plate number 1122

Scott 296, 4, frame (brown) plate number 1145

Scott 296 var, 4 "high car" (centered to top), vignette (black) plate number 1142

Scott 297, 5, frame (blue) plate number 1140

Scott 297, 5, vignette (black) plate number 1141

Scott 298, 8, frame (violet brown) plate number 1150

Scott 298, 8, vignette (black) plate number 1143

Scott 299, 10, frame (brown) plate number 1151

Scott 299 var, 10 "sinking ship" (centered to bottom), vignette plate number 1144

Scott 299 var, 10 "slow sinking ship" (centered to bottom and left), frame plate number 1151


1901 Pan American errors

There are no known plate number examples of the 1 or 2 inverts. This is the only example this author has seen of a 1 or 2 Pan American invert with marginal markings of any sort:

Scott 294a, 1 error with inverted center, top margin single showing part of Bureau imprint and printer's initials


Scott 296a, 4 error with inverted center, bottom frame plate number 1145.  Image courtesy of Wallace Cleland.

After the 1 and 2 inverts were discovered, there were rumors that the 4 invert was in public hands. Officials responded by intentionally printing a few more sheets of the 4 inverts. It turns out the intentional misprints were the only examples. This plate number single and a bottom plate strip of 4 are known.


Scott 296aSE, 4 error with inverted center, Specimen overprint at left, bottom frame plate number 1145. Believed to be unique.



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