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U.S. Newspaper stamps

Early newspaper stamps were printed with inscriptions, but without plate numbers. The final printing in 1895 included plate numbers.

Scott PR11, 3, bottom imprint single

Scott PR81, the 1 value issued in 1885, was the sole newspaper stamp printed by a bank note company to include a plate number. Scott PR90 was printed in 1894 by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing using plates supplied by the American Bank Note Company. Both were printed with plate number 482.

Scott PR102, 1, plate number 90

Scott PR103, 2, plate number 100

Scott PR104, 5, plate number 93

Scott PR105, 10, plate number 105

Scott PR105 var, 10, imprint and plate number 105 appearing at bottom of stamps

Scott PR106, 25, plate number 123

Scott PR108, $2, plate number 136

Scott PR109, $5, plate number 137

Scott PR112, $50, plate number 135

Scott PR102-PR113 can be distinguished from Scott PR114-PR125 only when in imprint strips of 3.

Scott PR114, 1, plate number 262

Scott PR115, 2, plate number 100

Scott PR116, 5, plate number 266

Scott PR117, 10, plate number 105

Scott PR118, 25, plate number 123

Scott PR119, 50, plate number 239

Scott PR120, $2, plate number 136

Scott PR121, $5 dark blue, plate number 137

Also "PR126" -- indistinguishable on the face, but with smooth white gum instead of the yellowish gum of the original printings, whiter paper, and a "sharp, clear-cut image" as compared to the "softer appearance" of the originals. Scott no longer lists PR126 through PR130, although at one time it printed albums with spaces for these separate numbers.

Scott PR121a, $5 light blue, plate number 137

Scanners and computers may not show the distinction, but the shade received a certificate.

Scott PR122, $10, plate number 138 -- also "PR127"

Scott PR123, $20, plate number 139 -- also "PR128"

Scott PR124, $50, plate number 135 -- also "PR129"

Scott PR125, $100, plate number 140 -- also "PR130"


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