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Hunting Permit stamps, 1987-2006

The federal hunting permit fee was $10 briefly from 1987-1989 (only two stamps), was raised to $12.50 briefly for the period 1989-1991 (again only two stamps), and then was $15 from 1991 to 2015. The fee has been $25 since 2015.

Printings by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP), 1987-2007

Scott RW54, 1988 date (issued 1987), $10, plate number 178171

Scott RW55, 1989, $10, plate number 180059

Scott RW56, 1990, $12.50, plate number 182531

Scott RW57, 1991, $12.50, plate number 186307

Scott RW57a, 1991, $12.50, error, missing back inscription, plate number 186307

There are 150 known copies (three panes of 50) of Scott RW57a, missing the back inscription, and three plate block positions among them. The image above was photographically cropped from the only known plate block of six. Image courtesy of Sam Houston Philatelics.

Only one copy of Scott RW57b (back inscription printed on the stamp rather than on top of the gum) has been certified, and it does not have a plate number.

Scott RW58, 1992, $15, plate number 188404

Scott RW59, 1993, $15, plate number 190493

Scott RW60, 1994, $15, plate number 191659

Scott RW60a, 1994, $15, error, black (engraved) omitted, missing UL plate number

About 120-150 copies exist with this error. The plate number is omitted as well. This UL position is photographically cropped from what should have been a plate block of four.

Image courtesy of Sam Houston Philatelics.

Scott RW61, 1995, $15, plate number 193700

Scott RW62, 1996, $15, plate number 195213

Scott RW63, 1997, $15, plate number 195744

Scott RW64, 1998, $15, plate number 196441

Scott RW65, 1998 (with 1999 date), $15, plate number 197573

Scott RW65 var, 197573 plate number single autographed and dated by the artist


Beginning in 1998 (with 1999 date), the Department of the Interior produced the federal Duck stamps in two formats: the traditional gummed sheet stamps illustrated on this web page, and a "booklet" format with a single self-adhesive stamp of the same design. Scott has numbered these RW65A, RW66A and so on for each year they have been produced. They are not illustrated here because no plate numbers appear on either the self-adhesive stamps or booklets.

The 1998 issue was the last federal Duck stamp to use the standard font for plate numbers. For the final three years of BEP-produced duck stamps, there was some experimentation with the fonts used for the plate numbers.

Scott RW66, 1999 (with 2000 date), $15, plate number 198654

Scott RW67, 2001, $15, plate number 199119

Scott RW67 var, imperf, light blue color test sample prepared by BEP at request of Federal Duck Stamp Office, plate number 199119 photographically cropped from UR plate block of 6. Only 5 panes exist.

Image courtesy of Sam Houston Philatelics.

Scott RW68, 2002, $15, plate number 199613

This was the last federal Duck stamp printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP). All subsequent duck stamps have been produced by private security printers, as have virtually all regular postage stamps.


Printings by private security printers, 2002-2018

Scott RW69, 2003, $15, plate number B1111-1

Scott RW70, 2004, $15, plate number P11111-1

Scott RW70b, 2004, $15, imperforate error, plate number P11111-1

Scott RW71, 2005, $15, plate number S1111-1

Scott RW72, 2006, $15, plate number S1111-1

Scott RW73, 2007, $15, plate number S1111-1

Scott RW74, 2008 date (issued 2007), $15, plate number S1111-1

No plate numbers appear on the 2008 issue (2009 date), Scott RW75. In fact, no marginal markings appear on the panes of 20 at all -- no copyright, pane position diagram or other marking that plate number single collectors might substitute for that issue.

Scott RW76, 2010 date (issued 2009), $15, plate number P1111

Scott RW77, 2011 date (issued 2010), $15, plate number S11111

Scott RW78, 2012 date (issued 2011), $15, plate number P1111

Scott RW79, 2013 date (issued 2012), $15, plate number P1111

Scott RW80, 2014 date (issued 2013), $15, plate number P1111

Scott RW81, 2015 date (issued 2014), $15, plate number P1111

Scott RW82, 2016 date (issued 2015), $25, plate number P1111

Scott RW83, 2017 date (issued 2016), $25, plate number P1111

Scott RW84, 2018 date (issued 2017), $25, plate number P1111

Scott RW85, 2019 date (issued 2018), $25, white border from pane of 20, plate number P1111

Scott RW85 var, 2019 date (issued 2018), $25, gray border from souvenir sheet of 4, plate number P1111 in LR only


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