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The American Banknote issues

The American Bank Note Company won the contract to print U.S. stamps in 1879.  Shortly thereafter, American acquired the previous printer, Continental Bank Note Company.

American continued using both the National and Continental plates, but eventually re-engraved and even re-designed the stamps.


Scott 182, 1 Franklin, plate number 336

Scott 183, 2 Jackson, plate number 339

Scott 184, 3 Washington, plate number 341

Scott 184, 3 Washington, script plate number 286

Scott 184E var, 3 Washington essay, Steel starch coated paper patent, plate number 281

Scott 184P5, 3¢ Washington proof on bond, plate number 342

Scott 185, 5 Taylor, plate number 326

Scott 205, 5 Garfield, black brown, plate number 399

The Garfield portrait was substituted for the 5 value after the 1881 assassination of President Garfield.

Scott 205P3, 5 Garfield proof on India paper, plate number 399

Scott 205SK, 5 Garfield specimen (marked "SAMPLE"), plate number 537

Scott 205SL, 5 Garfield specimen ("SAMPLE A." overprint omitted), plate number 539

Scott 186-E2b and 189-E2b, 7 Washington and 24 Washington essays, imprint pair showing the Bank Note Company name and date probably of the plate production.

Scott 189, 15 Webster, plate number 31

Scott 189SL var, 15 Webster specimen with "SAMPLE A." omitted, plate number 31

Scott 190, 30 Hamilton, plate number 405

Scott 190SK, 30 Hamilton specimen (marked "SAMPLE."), plate number 405

Scott 190P3, 30 Hamilton proof on India paper, plate number 405

Scott 190P4, 30 Hamilton proof on card, pair with plate number 405, photographically cropped from the unique plate block of 14 (Ex-Earl of Crawford, Ex-Finkelburg)


1880 Special printing

Scott 193P4, 2 Jackson proof on card, dark brown, plate number 412

Scott 193P4 var, 2¢ Jackson proof on card, brown, plate number 413

The color for the special printing is listed as dark brown. American Bank Note Company only printed the regular 2¢ Jackson in vermilion, so despite the lighter brown color, this must be a variety of Scott 194P4.

Scott 197, 2 Jefferson, plate number 2 (from plate number 23 or 25; the second digit does not show)


1881-82 Re-engraved issues

Scott 206, 1 Franklin, plate number 388

Scott 206P3, 1 Franklin proof on India paper, plate number 424

Scott 206P4, 1 Franklin proof on card, plate number 423

Scott 207, 3 Washington, green, plate number 370

Scott 207 var, 3 Washington on double paper, Massey patent hole punch, pair with plate number 367.  Possibly misidentified as Scott 158 var, but plate number 367 was not used on Scott 158.

Scott 207 var, 3 Washington on double paper, Douglas 8-hole patent punch, pair with plate number 367

Scott 208a, 6 Lincoln, deep brown red, plate number 427

Scott 209, 10 Hamilton, plate number 550

Scott 209P3, 10¢ Hamilton proof on India paper, plate number 403

Scott 209S, 10¢ Hamilton specimen (marked "SAMPLE A."), green, plate number 551


1883 issues

Scott 210, 2 Washington, red brown, plate number 474

Scott 210SL, 2 Washington rose lake specimen ("SAMPLE A." overprint omitted), plate number 539 photographically cropped from a unique block of 12

Scott 211, 4 Jackson, plate number 544

Scott 211SK, 4¢ Jackson specimen (marked "SAMPLE."), plate number 542

Scott 211SL, 4¢ Jackson specimen (marked "SAMPLE A."), olive, plate number 542

Image courtesy of Bill Langs


1887 issues

Scott 212, 1 Franklin, plate number 667

Scott 212P3, 1¢ Franklin proof on India paper, plate number 577

Scott 213, 2 Washington, green, plate number 708

Scott 213 var, 2 Washington, green, double row of perfs at bottom, plate number 597

Scott 214, 3 Washington, orange, plate number 421

Scott 215, 4 Jackson, plate number 542

Scott 216, 5 Garfield, blue, plate number 537

Scott 217, 30 Hamilton, orange brown, plate number 405

Scott 218, 90 Perry, plate number 23

Scott 218P4, 90 Perry proof on card, plate number 23


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