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Allied Military Government issues

AMG stamps were issued for use throughout Italy in 1945. They are frequently known as the "Sicily" issues since virtually all were sold and used in Sicily. The stamps are denominated in centesimi and lire.

Two types of plates were used. A variable plate number printed the stamp in the color of the denomination. Three standard black plates were used to print the country and currency: plate 44622 for centesimi, plate 44621 for lira (singular), and plate 44620 for lire (plural).

The stamps were printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, DC. The plate number fonts and positioning are similar to those used on the U.S. Documentary stamps of the same period. They are frequently collected as pairs or blocks, as care was not taken during printing to ensure that the plate number appeared on the selvage of a single stamp.



Scott 1N1, 15 centesimi, dull orange plate number 44687 and black plate number 44622

Scott 1N2, 25 centesimi, ochre plate number 44688 and black plate number 44622

Scott 1N3, 30 centesimi, gray plate number 44460 and black plate number 44622


Scott 1N4, 50 centesimi, violet plate number 44467 and black plate number 44622

Scott 1N4 var, 50 centesimi, double impression, black plate number 44622


Scott 1N5, 60 centesimi, yellow plate number 44462 and black plate number 44622


Scott 1N6, 1 lira, light green plate number 44464 and black plate number 44621

This was the only use of black plate #44621.


Scott 1N7, 2 lire, salmon plate number 44463 and black plate number 44620


Scott 1N8, 5 lire, light blue plate number 44465 and black plate number 44620

Scott 1N9, 10 lire, orange brown plate number 44466 and black plate number 44620



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