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Allied Military Government issues

AMG stamps were issued for use in Germany in 1945-46. The stamps are denominated in pfennigs and marks. They are frequently collected as pairs, strips or blocks, as care was not taken during printing to ensure that the plate number appeared on the selvage of a single stamp.

Three series of stamps were printed, but only two series have plate numbers.

  • The "Washington" printings were done by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, DC, and have plate numbers similar to those of the offset-printed U.S. Documentary stamps of the day. Scott 3N2a-3N9a plus 3N13a. Perf 11.
  • The "London" printings have plate numbers similar to contemporaneous British stamps. While they were not printed by the BEP, I have illustrated some plate number examples below because many collectors extend their interest in the Washington printings to include them. Scott 3N1b-3N8b. Perf. 14, 14-1/2 and compounds.
  • The "Brunswick" printings were done in Germany and do not have plate numbers. They do, however, have traditional German "counting numbers" in both rows and columns, and occasionally red inventory counting numbers. Margin examples of Brunswick printings are frequently seen erroneously offered as plate number singles or plate blocks. Scott 3N1-3N20. Perf. 11, 11-1/2 and compounds.

Washington printings

Scott 3N2a, 3 pfennigs, plate number 45865

Scott 3N3a, 4 pfennigs, plate number 45866

Scott 3N4a, 5 pfennigs, plate number 45867

Scott 3N5a, 6 pfennigs, plate number 45868

Scott 3N6a, 8 pfennigs, plate number 45869

Scott 3N7a, 10 pfennigs, plate number 45870

Scott 3N8a, 12 pfennigs, plate number 46582

Scott 3N9a, 15 pfennigs, plate number 45872

Scott 3N13a, 25 pfennigs, plate number 45873


London printings

Scott 3N2b, 3 pfennigs, plate number 6A

Scott 3N3b, 4 pfennigs, plate number 5B

Scott 3N4b, 5 pfennigs, plate number 3D

Scott 3N5b, 6 pfennigs, plate number 1B

Scott 3N6b, 8 pfennigs, plate number 4A

Scott 3N8b, 12pfennigs, plate number 2D


Brunswick printings (not plate numbers)

Scott 3N1, 1 pfennig showing counting number 2 at left ("row 2")

Scott 3N7, 12 pfennigs showing amount-type counting number 12,00 at top ("12 marks for ten columns of ten 12 pfennig stamps")

Scott 3N14c, 40 pfennigs showing column-type counting number 8 at bottom ("column 8")

Scott 3N19, 80 pfennigs showing amount-type counting number 80,00 at top

The red number at right is a sequential red inventory counting number for the sheets or panes of 80 pf stamps.

Stamps in all other denominations (1, 16, 20, 24, 30, 40, 42, 50, 60 and 80 pfennigs, and 1 mark) are Brunswick printings and do not have plate numbers.


Soviet issues for the Russian Zone (not plate numbers)

Soviet Zone


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