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2012-2013 45-Cent Commemorative issues

Including rate change stamps and other regular issues from the same 45 period.

In January 2012, the first class one-ounce rate increased by 1, to 45.Most first-class rate stamps were issued as "forever" stamps.Additional stamps were issued in denominations of 32 (post card rate), 65 (two ounce rate), 85 (three ounce rate, plus airmail rate to Canada and Mexico), and $1.05 (basic airmail rate to rest of world).

2012 issues


Scott 4588, (25¢) Spectrum Eagle presort coil, plate number V11111

Scott 4591, (44¢) New Mexico Statehood, plate number V1111

The first class rate was 44¢ when the stamp was issued but changed to 45¢ shortly thereafter.

Scott 4592, Surfers and palm trees; 4593, Surfers; and 4596, Fish and starfish; from Aloha Shirts pane (Scott 4596a), plate number V1111111

Scott 4599, 32¢ Surfers from Aloha Shirts coil (Scott 4601a), plate number S1111111

Scott 4602, 65¢ Wedding Cake, plate number S111111

Scott 4603, 65¢ Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly, plate number V1111

Greeting card companies print a butterfly silhouette on envelopes which require postage at the two ounce rate. Since 2011, USPS has issued a butterfly stamp for each rate change.

Scott 4604, Seeing eye dog, and 4607, Rescue dog, from 65¢ Dogs at Work issue (Scott 4607a). plate number V1111

Scott 4608, Northern goshawk; 4609, Peregrine falcon; and 4612, Northern harrier; from 85¢ Birds of Prey (Scott 4612a), plate number P1111

Scott 4615, 45¢ Rooster with perch from Weather Vanes coil (Scott 4617a), plate number S1111111

Scott 4618, Sierra juniper; and 4619, Black Pine; from (45¢) Bonsai booklet of 20 (Scott 4622b), plate number P11111

Scott 4624, (45¢) John H. Johnson, plate number P11111

Scott 4625, (45¢) Heart Health, plate number V111111

Scott 4626, (45¢) Love Ribbons, plate number S11

Scott 4627, (45¢) Arizona Statehood, plate number V11111

Scott 4628, (45¢) Danny Thomas, plate number S11111

Scott 4631, Freedom Forever (Avery) from (45¢) Four Flags coil of 100, die cut 8-1/2 vert, plate number V1111

Scott 4635, Freedom Forever (Ashton-Potter) from (45¢) Four Flags coil of 100, die cut 9-1/2 vert, plate number P1111

Scott 4639, Freedom Forever (Sennett) from (45¢) Four Flags coil of 100, die cut 11 vert, plate number S11111

Scott 4641, Freedom Forever from (45¢) Four Flags booklet of 20 (Scott 4645b), plate number P1111

Scott 4646, Liberty Forever from (45¢) Four Flags booklet (Scott 4648a), plate number S11111

Scott 4649, $5.15 Sunshine Skyway Bridge, priority mail rate, plate number S11111

Scott 4650, $18.95 Carmel Mission (express mail rate), plate number P1111

Scott 4651, Washington Monument, and 4652, Jefferson Memorial, from (45¢) Cherry Blossom Festival issue, plate number P11111

Scott 4653, (45¢) William H. Johnson, plate number V111111

Scott 4659, Elizabeth Bishop from (45¢) 20th Century Poets issue (Scott 4654-63), plate number P111111

Scott 4666, (45¢) José Ferrer, plate number P1111111

Scott 4667, (45¢) Louisiana Statehood, plate number V11111

Scott 4668, John Ford, and 4671 John Huston, from (45¢) Great Film Directors (Scott 4671a), plate number V11111

Scott 4672, 1¢ Bobcat coil, 2012 date, plate number P1111

Scott 4673, Freedom Forever, and 4674, Liberty Forever, from (45¢) Four Flags convertible booklet of 10 (Scott 4676b), plate number V1111 centered over top pair

Scott 4677, A Bug's Life, and 4681, Monsters, Inc., from (45¢) Pixar Films (Scott 4681a), plate number V1111

Scott 4682 and 4683, 32¢ Aloha Shirts, from booklet of 10 (Scott 4686a), plate number P11111 centered over top pair

Scott 4687 and 4690 from (45¢) Bicycling (Scott 4690a), plate number P11111

Scott 4691, (45¢) Scouting / Girl Scouts, plate number S111111

Scott 4692, Miles Davis, and 4693, Edith Piaf, from (45¢) pane of 20 (Scott 4693a), plate number V111111

Scott 4694, (45¢) Ted Williams, plate number V11111

Scott 4694a, (45¢) Ted Williams, imperforate, plate number V11111

Scott 4695, (45¢) Larry Doby, plate number V11111

Scott 4695a, (45¢) Larry Doby, imperforate, plate number V11111

Scott 4696, (45¢) Willie Stargell, plate number V11111

Scott 4696a, (45¢) Willie Stargell, imperforate, plate number V11111

Scott 4697, (45¢) Joe DiMaggio, plate number V11111

Scott 4697a, (45¢) Joe DiMaggio, imperforate, plate number V11111

Scott 4698, Isadora Duncan, and 4701, Bob Fosse, from (45¢) Innovative Choreographers (Scott 4701a), plate number S111111

Scott 4702, (45¢) Edgar Rice Burroughs, plate number S11111

Scott 4704, (45¢) Purple Heart, 2012 date, plate number V111111

Scott 4704a, (45¢) Purple Heart, imperforate, plate number V111111

Scott 4704b, (45¢) Purple Heart, 2015 date, plate number C111111

Scott 4705, (45¢) O. Henry, plate number V11111

Scott 4706 and 4708, (45¢) Freedom Forever and Equality Forever from Four Flags ATM pane (Scott 4709a), plate number P1111

Scott 4710a, 4710e, 4710k, 4710o from (45¢) Earthscapes (Scott 4710a-o), plate number S11111

Scott 4710a var, 4710e var, 4710k var, 4710o var from (45¢) Earthscapes, imperforate (Scott 4710p), plate number S11111

Scott 4711, (45¢) Christmas 2012, Holy Family from booklet of 20 (Scott 4711a), plate number S11111

Scott 4711b, (45¢) Christmas 2012, imperforate, from booklet of 20 (Scott 4711c), plate number S11111

Scott 4715, (45¢) Christmas 2012, from Santa and Sleigh (Scott 4715a), plate number P1111

Scott 4715 var, (45¢) from imperforate Santa and Sleigh (Scott 4715c), plate number P1111

2013 issues

Scott 4721, (45¢) Emancipation Proclamation, plate number V1111

Scott 4721a, (45¢) Emancipation Proclamation, imperforate, plate number V1111

The first-class rate was raised to 46¢ in January 2013. See the next page for additional 2013 Forever issues.


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