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2005-2007 39-Cent Commemorative issues

Including rate change stamps and other regular issues from the same 39¢ period.

2005 issues

See the "Spotlight on the 39¢ Flags" page for the numerous 39¢ Flag varieties.

2006 issues

Scott 3976, (39¢) Bluebirds Love booklet pane, plate number V11111

Scott 3991, Wild Thing, and Scott 3994, Frederick, from 39¢ Children's Book Illustrations issue (Scott 3994a), plate number S1111111111

Scott 3995, 39¢ 2006 Winter Olympics, plate number S1111

Scott 3996, 39¢ Hattie McDaniel, plate number S1111

Scott 3997a - l, 39¢ Chinese New Year: no plate numbers

Scott 3998, 39¢ Wedding, from 39¢ pane of 20, plate number P1

Scott 3999, 63¢ Wedding, pair with 39¢ from mixed pane of 40, plate number P11

Scott 4000, 24¢ Common Buckeye water activated sheet stamp, plate number P1111

Scott 4001, 24¢ Common Buckeye self-adhesive sheet stamp, plate number V1111

Scott 4001a, 24¢ Common Buckeye self-adhesive booklet single, plate number V1111

Scott 4002, 24¢ Common Buckeye self-adhesive coil, first printing, gray USA and date, plate number V1111

Scott 4002 var, 24¢ Common Buckeye self-adhesive coil, third printing, black USA and date, plate number V1111

Scott 4005, Sunflower, from 39¢ Crops of the Americas coil (Scott 4007a), plate number S1111

Scott 4008, Corn, from 39¢ Crops of the Americas booklet (Scott 4012a), plate number S1111

Scott 4014, Corn, from 39¢ Crops of the Americas ATM pane (Scott 4016a), plate number S1111

Scott 4018, $4.05 X-Plane priority mail, plate number B1111

An error variety with the silver foil "X" is known, Scott 4018a.

Scott 4019, $14.40 X-Plane express mail, plate number S1111

Scott 4020, 39¢ Sugar Ray Robinson, plate number V11

Scott 4021, Statesman and Scott 4024, Postmaster, from 39¢ Benjamin Franklin issue (Scott 4024a), plate number V1111

Scott 4028, 39¢ Lady and the Tramp from Disney Romance issue (Scott 4028a), plate number P111111

Scott 4029, 39¢ Bluebirds Love, plate number V11111

Scott 4030, 39¢ Katherine Porter, plate number S1111

Scott 4031, 39¢ Amber Alert, plate number V111111

Scott 4032, 39¢ Purple Heart, plate number P1111

See the "Spotlight on the Purple Heart" page for all Purple Heart varieties.

Scott 4063, Tallest Trees, and Scott 4072, Largest Plant, from 39¢ Wonders of America issue (Scott 4072a), plate number V1111

Scott 4073, 39¢ Samuel de Champlain, plate number P111111

Champlain souvenir sheet, two 39¢ water-activated U.S. stamps (Scott 4074a) and two Canadian stamps: no plate numbers

Washington 2006 World Philatelic Exhibition, $8 water-activated souvenir sheet (Scott 4075): no plate numbers

39¢ Distinguished American Diplomats, Scott 4076a-f: no plate numbers

Scott 4077, 39¢ Judy Garland, plate number S1111

Scott 4078, 39¢ Ronald Reagan, plate number S1111

Scott 4080, Roy Campanella and Scott 4083, Mickey Mantle, from 39¢ Baseball Sluggers (Scott 4083a), plate number V111111

Scott 4084p, Flash cover and Scott 4084t, Hawkman cover, from 39¢ Comic Book Superheroes (Scott 4084), plate number V1111


Scott 4085, Indian and Scott 4088, Harley-Davidson, from 39¢ American Motorcycles block of 4 (Scott 4088a), plate number V111111

Scott 4098, Checkerboard Center from 39¢ Gee's Bend Quilts (Scott 4098a), plate number S11111

39¢ Florida Wetlands (Scott 4099a-j): no plate numbers

Scott 4100, 39¢ Chacón Madonna, plate number P1111

Scott 4104, 39¢ Snowflake from pane of 20, plate number S1111

Scott 4107, 39¢ Snowflake from booklet of 20, plate number S1111

Scott 4116, 39¢ Snowflake from ATM pane of 18, plate number V1111

Scott 4117, 39¢ Eid, plate number V111

Scott 4118, 39¢ Hanukkah, plate number B1111

Scott 4119, 39¢ Kwanzaa, plate number P111111

2007 issues

Scott 4120, 39¢ Ella Fitzgerald, plate number P111111

Scott 4121, 39¢ Oklahoma Statehood, plate number P11111

39¢ Hershey's Kiss pane of 20 (Scott 4122): no plate numbers

$1.68 International Polar Year souvenir sheet, with two 84¢ stamps (Scott 4123a-b): no plate numbers

Scott 4124, 39¢ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, plate number P11111


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