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The "Sixth-and-a-Half" Bureau Series of 1962

Sheet and booklet issues

In 1961 and 1962, the Post Office began planning a new definitive series at the request of the Kennedy Administration.  The new designs were to constitute a break from the Eisenhower Administration's Liberty Series.

The 5 definitive was originally planned to feature Gen. John J. Pershing.  A last-minute change was made, and essays were prepared with Pershing on a 1 definitive.  As finally produced, the 8 Pershing stamp was "sandwiched" into the ongoing Liberty Series.  Modern philatelic research indicates this stamp belongs more properly in what is sometimes referred to as the "Sixth and a Half" Bureau Series.


Scott 1209, 1 Jackson, plate number 27779 UL

Scott 1213 var, 1 precancel, plate number 27460 UL

Scott 1209a, 1 Jackson, tagged, plate number 27779 LR

Scott 1213, 5, plate number 27704 UR

Scott 1213a, 5 single from booklet pane, partial plate number 28084 LL

Scott 1213a, 5 single from booklet pane, partial plate number 27439 UL, adjacent to the slogan

Scott 1213b, 5 tagged, partial plate number 27517 LR

Scott 1042A, 8 Pershing, traditionally numbered with the Liberty Series, plate number 27076 UL

Scott 1042A var, 8 Pershing precancel, plate number 27076 UR

Coil issues

Scott 1225, 1 Jackson coil, pair with partial plate numbers 27776 and 27775

Scott 1229, 5 Washington coil, pair with partial plate numbers 28198 and 28197


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